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My husband is unaware of the fact that I know that he for along time has been showing my naked pictures and even videos of us having sex to his friends. I found all this out when he left his phone behind one day. I have written about this before here. It's now become my addiction to have him show his friends everything. Which has turned into an actual sexual excursion with his friends. Who in turn share my pictures and videos among themselves behind my husband's back. It's weird to say but I actually look forward to meeting them almost daily ,they love to show each other the different things each of them do with me , it's constantly evolving into more and more aggressive and kinky Style sexual sistuations. I'm in heaven.

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  • Hell yes, should be more like you yummy

  • Good morning and thank you

  • Today one of them took pictures of me undressing in our car then filmed us having sex. After we sat there as he sent them to the others. They started texting and calling. They all want to get together at the same time.

  • Oh sweetie ... you are going to be one happy girl! Be sure and report back how things go!

  • 'It's now become my addiction ...'

    Absolutely beautiful! Isn't it hot to know that the longer this happens, the more tempted they'll become to make a move ...

    And frankly, your husband would have NO ONE to blame but himself!

    It's hard NOT to believe that he wants and NEEDS this to happen!

  • Do you really think so ?

  • Yes. I do. In fact I'm near certain of it. Please consider this analysis carefully and tell me if it makes sense.

    1] He's hiding a significant thing from you. You could justifiably be very angry IF you 'discovered' he's sending friends sex-pix of you WITHOUT your consent. And he KNOWS it. That he's willing to RISK your unholy ire reveals the INTENSITY of his desire to do it!

    2] He knows his friends fantasize about you. They're men. They're looking at pix of a naked woman. Of COURSE they're fantasizing. That they know this woman real-time makes it all the hotter. That you [supposedly] don't know what's happening makes it hotter still.

    3] He knows his friends are aroused by you. If this situation arouses you, imagine how it aroused THEM! This also, your husband knows. Yet there he is -- opening your bedroom to their eyes!He does it knowing that they will desire you and will be tempted to seduce you.

    4] He knew where this could lead at the start. He knew that opening your bedroom to their eyes could lead to your being sexed by them. Yet he did it anyway. His desire to involve them was that strong. And that's exactly what did happen!

    Given all he knew, where it could go and what he was willing to risk, he did it anyway. Why? My postulation -- he wants and NEEDS it to happen. If you have a better explanation of things, post it. Til then, THAT'S the working hypothesis.

    Let the evolving evolve constantly. Push the aggressiveness and kink off the charts. If/when this ever 'comes out,' drop the hammer on him! HE was photo-sharing first. Then you did it. Call it karma. Recite my analysis and asking him what he expected to happen. Let him answer. In front of all his friends.

    Are you ... even a teenie bit wet? Write back with your thoughts!

  • I'm parked at a park waiting for one of them I have my pants around my ankles and I'm masturbating

  • It's intriguing that should all this come out, ALL your hubby's friends will stand united BESIDE YOU! If he doesn't support you in this, he'll have a lonely existence!

  • I have more than 1000 nude pics and a few vids of us having sex. I have shown them to one friend of mine. She lets me take them for me to masturbate to but I am to keep them private. I wish she would let me post them on the net.
    It's hard for me to believe that I get to live and fuck this pretty thing.

  • Those pictures and videos will turn up on the internet and your kids or relatives might find them. Or coworkers or his boss. Then what?

  • His boss is a perv , lol he's never going to be a problem

  • You do know sooner or later he is going to learn of this?

  • He started it, serves him right

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