I'm a girl with a very dirty mind.(in a very bad way.)

I get overdrive horny when I am high. I like to watch PETA videos about animals being abused in plants. The disgusting men in these videos turn me on so much. One time I c** to a video of men doing things to pigs. I don't know why but I do and I know I'm a terrible person

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  • I like to masturbate over teen girls fighting

  • I don't pop pills I just smoke pot :/

    Do I really have mental issues? I don't feel comfortable talking to a therapist because it's like, damn girl.

    P.S I also love aggressive daddy play
    Yeah it was me who posted it :/

  • If your "therapist" says, "Damn girl !" report him / her, and for gosh sakes, find another therapist !

  • P.S I'm
    I'm not stupid just buzzing:/

  • When high try watching something a little less sadistic and associate that with your horniness.

  • For starters, stop getting high.

  • Stop doing drugstore starters and get professional help. Clearly you’ve got some issues to attend to but that doesn’t mean you’re a bar person. No one is perfect.

  • I would like to talk to you more about all this

  • Sure

  • It doesn't make you a terrible person it just means that you may have mental issues

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