How to ask

How do you ask someone for oral sex?

My wife stopped sex with me years ago but when we used to do it, my favorite and hers was a blowjob. Now, I'm desperate for one. I supposed I could find a sex worker or something but a bartender friend of mine says she has a few girlfriends who she says gives BJ's a lot just because they're fun. She says you just have to ask and if she wasn't married she'd probably say yes to me as well. So ladies, how do you ask? Nothing I can think of sounds right? Help me out please!

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  • What works for me when I travel is brutal honesty and a membership on Ashely M. I post on live chat telling women exactly what I want to do and have had huge successes with some of the hottest single and married women I have ever made love to in my life.
    I had always wanted to try bondage sex but my wife was not having any of that and told me not only was she never going to do that but I would not be getting any of her until I apologized for even asking her about it.
    So the next time I had a trip coming up I prepared with plenty of rope and toys to pleasure women, posted exactly what I wanted to do and amazingly I got a response from this perfect woman. She came to my room multiple times the whole week I was there and every time I got to tie her up any way I wanted to and do what ever I wanted to her. I gave her so many orgasms that she told me I needed to travel back this way soon again because she loved every bit of it.
    Trust me, get a membership it is well worth the cost.

  • Dont you risk your photo being out there for any and everyone to see?

  • I do not have a photo on my profile, I describe everything I want to do and what I am looking for in my profile. Think about it, women love to read and when they run across a profile with lines and lines of erotic desires it turns them on. I am telling you man, that is how you get women. I have had very little success in bars picking up a woman, sure talking to them and socializing are always easy to do but how often can you really talk intimately to one in that setting. Write a great profile and sound like a gentleman and you will have more sex than you know what to do with on your hands, I mean dick.

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