Rest area transformation

I would drive to rest areas at night for my sexual pleasures. Wearing my men’s clothes. I would get out and walk around my car, sit at a park bench, walk to the vending machine, then go back to my car. Then my transformation would start.
I would already be wearing my garter belt and stockings, and my panties. I would remove my jeans and shirt. Put on my bra and insert my fake breast 38C. Put on either a short dress or a blouse and mini skirt, and high heels. Put on my wig, and my earrings. Then I would turn on my interior light and start applying my makeup.
After I was satisfied with my transformation I would retrace my steps outside. Walking around my car, bending over to look at my tires, knowing that by bending over I would be showing anyone looking my panty covered ass.
Walk to the park bench, enjoying the feeling of being exposed to anyone watching me. Feeling the air over my stockings and under my dress. Getting my purse and walking to the vending machine.
I’ve had men join me at the park bench telling me that they watched my transformation. I’ve had men act sweet and polite, and men talk vulgar. Men have walked up to me and talked to me then walked away. Men have walked up to me rubbing their crotches , walked up to me with their dicks exposed.
I offered them what they wanted. I’ve given hand jobs, sucked their cocks, and let them fuck my ass. I would let them shoot their cum wherever they wanted, on my hand, on my face, in my mouth, or deep inside my ass. I’ve pleased men alone, two at a time, and even had small groups of men lead me into the dark so they could have their way with me, using my mouth and ass at the same time while my hands were stroking cocks too. The groups would usually fuck me the hardest, talking crudely to me. They would pound my ass, hold my head forcing their dicks down my throat. They would be the ones to shoot cum on my face then in my mouth telling me to swallow it. They would be the ones that would give me the pleasure of long after they left I could feel their cum leaking from my ass.
I have tried to give everyone what they wanted because when they interacted with me after I transformed they gave me what I wanted. Every encounter was a fantasy come true for me.
Thank every one of you guys. You have given me some great memories.

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  • I'm also a shemale. But I only do it part-time. I've had many of those same fantasies. And I've gone to the local park and over the years done many of the same things. I can't help it, I'm just a nasty whore. And I love being one. I love the feeling I get while wearing a short, tight mini-skirt while in fish-net stocking and high heels. I love seeing a guys dick get hard the moment he lays eyes on you. I love it when a guy tries to talk to me when I'm dressed like a slut and he can't keep his eyes off me. And I love pleasing them better then any woman ever could. I just wonder why once you have a dick in your mouth or one up your ass you can't stop thinking about it. I also wonder why once a guy has fucked you, he can't stop thinking about you either. Oh well, maybe it was just meant to be.

  • I’ve done this for years. I have been lucky in my encounters, and I have enjoyed the memories of them. I always look forward to my next encounter. Just thinking about going out again will get me excited. And you are correct in that I can’t wait for the next cock that I get to please.

  • I am a she-male and I enjoy much of what you have described, but if your story is not fantasy then you really should be more careful and choosy who you go with.

  • I’ve been very lucky. The experiences that I’ve written about have happened over the years. I’ve never been with a she-male, but think that I would enjoy it very much since I enjoy being with both men and women.

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