How do I seduce him?

I'm a 15 year old trans girl. I'm 5'6", skinny,with black wavy hair, and am pretty cute imo. I've had a crush on my friend's dad for a while now and I want to seduce him. He's just over twice my age but so dreamy. He's a little over 6 ft, muscular and tan. I know he's got a big dick. Ive spent plenty of time staring at it bulging in his pants. Whenever I pleasure myself I imagine him pounding my ass. I want him so bad. How do I get him to fuck me?

1 month ago

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    • Liar!

    • This is fake cuz that means your friends dad was 15 when he had your friend? And still stayed for 15 years rather than run off? Not possible cuz that’s a pedo case

    • So true it is fake! Written by a sick fucking fag who's a pedo.

    • Hey I’m a fucking pedo fag and I resent that I for one have never written a fake word in my life so there

    • Kill yourself you feel better after.

    • I won't because I love when you suck me SO MUCH

    • Once again only in your mind.

    • I think what you mean to say is MMMRRMMPPH MMMRRMMPPHH GULP GULP GULP GASP GASP

    • Is that the best you got loser?

    • Said you after I came down your throat! Yeah sorry I already came three times today there wasn’t much jizz for your 👄
      Next time baby I promise! I’ll give you a big load!

    • Suck a finger in front of him and see if he takes the hint! My kid's tranny friend did and I took the hint. Best goddamn blowjob of my life, and I like girls. But this li'l teen girl had a dick, sure...and he whacked it while he sucked me and came all over my shins! That was a weird experience. He's (she's? whatever) gonna suck me again this week, I can't wait.

    • It worked! I answered the door in a robe (nothing underneath. I stared at his dick and sucked on my finger while we were talking. He asked where my parents were and I told him they were out shopping. He pushed me against the wall and I dropped my robe off of my shoulders. I told him to do whatever he wanted to me and oh boy did he. He kissed me and made me suck him. When I was on my knees with his massive cock in my hand I told him how much I wanted him and begged him to fuck me. His dick is bigger than my dildo! He put me on the couch and pounded me so hard that he had to gag me with a sock to keep me from waking everyone else up downstairs. When he was finished with me he told me I was his little slut now and that I'd better keep my fucking mouth shut if I wanted his dick in me again. That was everything I hoped it would be and more. I can't wait until he fucks me again!

    • Hallelujah!

    • He's coming to get his daughter from a sleepover today. I'll try it and see what happens! If he let's me suck him do I beg for him to fuck my ass while I'm on my knees? I've been fucking myself with my dido all morning while everyone is still asleep. I want his cock so bad it hurts.

    • You friends father is not a fag you fucking mistake on life. Retarded would only be an insult to people with a real disability. You are an abortion gone wrong. Your mom should have used a coat hanger to get rid of you.

    • You whack off thinking of tranny girls like me….

    • I puke at the sickness you have! Get this fact boy.
      Just a male with mutilated genitals and fake tits. But don't worry in less then a decade after the surgery you will come to realize it was the biggest mistake you ever made and you will kill yourself. Thats if someone doesn't do before that!

    • I fuck your daddy with my cock and he sucks my titties

    • Do you dig him up by hand or with a shovel? He's been dead for 11 years. How was he? A little stiff and stinky I would think.

    • Yes, yes I did. It was a super hot necro-fuck. I had to stick a broken chopstick in his decomposed wiener to get it inside me but it did the job!

    • Good for you! Hope you had fun.

    • Shoulda seen what I did with your dead mother. Even for me, dang, THAT was nasty.

    • Mmmmm yes I do! I know I called you a mistake on life but as I wrote that I thought of giving you the reach-around as I slid it up your little boy-pussy!

    • Who the fuck are you faggot? You didn't write that comment.

    • Fuck off you piece of shit republican whore bitch white trash opioid addicted low life bitch boi

    • Oh poor fag can't take the truth!

    • "republican whore bitch white trash opioid addicted low life bitch" are the best fucks hands down bar none so ha ha ha fuck you then

    • You can't sadly then he would be a p3do, I know the struggle I wish an older woman would play with me but im too young.

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