The Ultimate Humiliation

When my girlfriend found out that I went to a strip club with some of my buddies, she was furious. She said it was either over between us, or I had to accompany her to a male strip club- and I had to enter the amateur contest as punishment!

When my turn came to go out on stage I was trembling. There were at least a hundred ladies there and all of them were screaming. First I removed my shirt, then my pants and finally my underwear. I looked out and I saw my girlfriend smiling.

After I picked up my clothes and returned from the dressing room provided for the contestants, I started walking back to the table where she was sitting.

As I looked across the room, I saw her sitting with another man. He was big and much stronger than me. She had allowed her ample breasts to fall almost completely out of her low cut dress for him to see.
She had her arms around him and was kissing him right on his lips.

I ran towards them wanting to destroy him. Instead, he grabbed me by the seat of my pants and tossed me aside like a rag doll. When I looked up as I Iay on the floor, I saw her looking down at me laughing.

"I invited my new boyfriend here tonight," she said. "I'm leaving with him. He's a real man!"

1.6 years ago

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    • Seriously dude? Just dump her.

    • Did you become her cuck

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