Wife wants mfm

I’m 49 my wife is 45. She has an incredible body and is beautiful. Been together for 15 years and sex is good but pretty vanilla. The other morning she woke me up and said she dreamt that I made her have sex with another guy. I reached down and she was soaked. I played with her wet pussy and told her I also had a dream that we were 69ing as a guy fucked her doggie. Told her many girls have that fantasy and I encouraged it. Few days later we were getting it on and I brought it up and she said she forgot about it. She almost got mad and said you want me to fuck a guy I will, not expecting me to say yes but with me. I ate her pussy and she climaxed 2 times boy day she would or wouldn’t . She’s dropped hints before that it would be hot if she was being fucked her clit could be licked at same time. So question!!!! Is she into it??

1 month ago

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    • No … it’s just a fantasy… leave it at that

    • I have shared myself fucking wife videos to my colleagues and friends. I ensure that these videos do not show our faces. Just pass over to them as downloaded from the net. Once in office I played one such video of me and wife in the action and got a thrill hearing their raw comments. One colleague commented that the body language of the man in the porn seems to be yours and I retorted saying that I would be the happiest man to fuck such a gorgeous lady with big boobs and butts and would also like to lick her pussy and cum in her
      and all had a good laugh. Another friend commented about her big boobs and brown hairy pussy as juicy and whore hole.

      Other one commented he fill fuck her all holes the whole day if given a chance.

      One just stood up and showing his bulge in the pants simulated the fucking action at the monitor.

      But surprising one colleague who knows my wife came to me when I was alone and told he knew that videos were made by me and the woman in it is your wife. I just told him that is your fantasy just to save my face.

      That day I fucked my wife with much vigor thinking of my colleagues comments. See at

    • My wife and I have been married for 22 years in August. When we first started dating in the 90's, I asked her to have sex with another guy while I watched, she told me no. I told her if she ever desired another man, just to let me know and we would work something out. Several years ago she told me she had a young guy at work proposition her, and it took everything she had to say no. I asked her if she wanted to fuck him, and she admitted that would love to, but also didn't want to damage our marriage. I told her if she was honest with me, I would let her fuck him within reason. That weekend, she spent Saturday night with him at his house, coming home Sunday morning having not slept all night. All total, she had asked me 7 different times if she could fuck him, which I allowed every time. After several months, she was no longer asking to fuck him. I asked her what was up. She told me she was done with him and didn't want to fuck him anymore. That was 6 years ago, and she hasn't asked to fuck anyone else. I know that sounds strange, but at least she didn't lie to me and I knew each time she was having sex with someone else. Had she not asked or if I had said no, and she snuck around behind my back, there is a good chance she and I would be divorced due to the lying and deception, not the sex.

    • The real question is would your wife allow you to sleep with another woman now that she has been with another man.

    • Just do it. I pretended to mad when my mid 40's wife (Linda) fessed up to fucking her boss.
      We're both good looking. The janitor walked in on them fucking in the conference room. it was after hours, she was "working overtime." We both work in the same skyscraper. Give it a week and the young ladies who flirt with me are going to hear about Bob's wife fucking her boss. Stuff like that gets around. 'Linda, your penance is tell your Mom what you did before she hears it from me." "Oh no, you wouldn't" "
      "she is going to hear it from someone else, so spare her."
      So far I fucked 2 hussies from HR, 1 from accounting.
      And her Mom who was always snark with me slips me a C Note every time we're over "buy your self some good Scotch."

    • Make it real, dude. You both will enjoy!

    • During fantasy share with my hot shapely wife, I told her I had a FWB thing with a big rubenesque neighbor. To have her again. She said she'd like to be an unpaid prostitute for a guy in 20's who's never been laid. Years pass and our sex is on the vanilla side. She tells me she has this internet chess partner and they started chatting. He's 24 and never been laid. Her fantasy was never an option till now because she might get knocked up. She 42 now. She says he's a real safe sweet guy, lives 50 miles away. Likes girls but he's to timid to hit on them.
      I say Linda you've been a perfect wife, but I can't give you pass. You have to make that decision and not tell me. I am the jealous type. I'd rather not know. But just send yourself and email with this guy's real name and address, and a second one detailing how it went. Send it to me 40 years from.
      I'm pretty sure she did it.

    • My wie and i starting using toys as the other person/persons and we liked it so went on to meeting other couples .w had some good times and alot of bad times then we had few 3somes she lied mff where as i liked fmm more.until we went away 2 years ago to turkey and we picked up guy . .best night i ever had . i fucked my wife and then he made love to her . her words .why was it best night of my life lol .she left me for him . never been happier

    • Sounds to me like you already know.

      I will tell you however, my exgirlfriend was the same way, she brought it up to me after I kept talking about it in the bedroom. She asked if I really wanted to spit-roast her with another guy. I said yes and we started that lifestyle. Fast forward 3 years and we split up for other reasons. I started talking about it with my future wife, but she pointed blank told me it would never happen. Fast forward 7 years and we are now married, she still refuses to ever do anything like that. I guess some women will and some won't.

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