Hottest thing ever

So the wife and I are on vacation. We have a room facing the beach. Balcony with an open wooden rail. Wife wakes up about 5am. The sound of her making coffee wakes me up. She opens the sliding glass door and leaves it open.

Now we sleep nude but she puts on a silk "boyfriend shirt" nightgown. It looks like a black baseball jersey with why trim but it's designed to be worn by a woman as a nightgown. It barely covers her as and pussy but on the sides you can see all the way up to her hips. She's not thin but not chubby. She is thick. 5'5" and like 160 lbs. Round ass. Big tits.

So the smell of coffee wakes me up. I notice the sliding glass door open but the curtain drawn shut. I get up and walk to the balcony. I'm still naked. She's got her forearms resting on the rail and her back bent slightly. Ass showing perfectly. I get right against her ass. I reach up and start rubbing her shoulders. She likes it and while I'm messaging her she says, "You are still naked?" I said, "Yep. We are 6 floors up. They won't see me."

I massage her shoulders and neck. I reach around and start unbuttoning her nightgown. She says, "What are you doing?" I said, "Taking this off you." She said, "You're such a bad boy. What if someone sees?" I said, "What are they gonna do? Complain? Hey there's a gorgeous naked woman up there?"

I move my hands down to her lower back. I then grab my cock and push it to her pussy. She says, "Baby?..." I push it in. She says, "We should go back inside and do this." I said, "We have the perfect view. I wanna do it right here." I grab her ass and push my cock the rest of the way in.

I start fucking her. She is fingering herself as I fuck her. She says, "You wanna go get buzz?" Buzz light-year is the name for her vibrator. She uses it on her clit. She forgets we are on the balcony and starts moaning out loud. She cums. I'm not far. I cum. We both remain in the position with my cock still hard but softening. She turns around when I go limp and we kiss.

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  • Sex on the balcony with a great view, awesome! If anyone was watching I am sure they enjoyed it.

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