Wife caught cheating .

Last week we had a water main break which caused our company to send everyone home for the day. It was around 10:00 am and so everyone was sent home. I was so happy and figured I'd spend the day with my wife. I decided to surprise her and not call her about the news . I was thinking about making love to her on the drive home and was extremely excited. I figured I would enter the home in stealth mode to surprise my love. I put my key in the door and made sure not to make any noise. The house was really quiet. I went to the kitchen first and the basement door was open. I could hear the washer and dryer running so I went partially down the steps but she wasn't there. I figured she was upstairs. So very quietly I made my way upstairs.

The bedroom door was closed which was unusual but I thought nothing of it. As I got closer I heard voices. Two voices! A man's deep voice and my wife laughing . Then I heard her laughing . I took hold of the doorknob and slowly turned it. I cracked the door a couple inches and that's when I saw them. My wife was laying naked on the bed with her legs spread wide and this man whom I had never seen before was fingering her pussy. She was stroking his cock. It was really big like 10 inches or bigger. My heart was pounding in my chest like crazy. I felt sick and thought this is it.

I was frozen in place watching them. She started to perform oral sex on him. He stroked her long hair and squeezed her breast. She was moaning softly as he fingered her. Then I heard my wife ask him to fuck her with his huge black cock. I watched as he mounted her up and began to pump. She started rubbing his ass as he fucked her. She was really making lots of noise as he pumped harder and harder. She begged him for his cum. I heard my wife telling him she wanted his baby . She kept saying give me your baby , fill my pussy full of your baby juice. I couldn't believe this was happening . I didn't know what to do. Should I rush in and break it up, or close the door and leave.

I took my cell phone out and began to record them. They were really going at it fast and hard. She was crying loudly and telling him to put a baby in her white pussy. Then she began to climax and a few minutes later he filled my wife's pussy with his cum. He didn't pull out right away he kept fucking her for another 10- 15 minutes. I closed the door before he got off her. I left just as I had arrived. I drove away and went to a local bar and had a few drinks. I didn't know what to do.

A couple hours later I drove home and this time I made lots of noise. She greeted me as I came in and hugged and kissed me. I told her that we needed to talk. I took out my phone and showed her the video. Her mouth fell open. I told her I got off early and wanted to surprise her. She said she was sorry and hadn't meant to hurt me. I asked if she loved this guy. She said no it was just sex. I asked how long she had been seeing him and she said about 8 months or so. At first I was so angry I wanted her gone but the idea of not being with her or loving her again just didn't seem possible. She asked me what I wanted to do. I told her that I loved her and wanted to get naked and make love to her right then. She hugged me and we went upstairs and stripped each other naked and we made love three times eventually falling asleep. In the morning I decided to take the day off and spend the day with her. We made love and went out later to lunch. I asked her if she planned on seeing him again. She promised to break it off with him. I believed her. At times I thought maybe she was still hooking up with him.

At times I would get very angry and wanted to fuck him up. I didn't blame her my anger was always towards him. A few years later I met a woman at work and we became involved. I told my wife from the start I had feelings for the other woman. She wanted me to quit my job. I ended up moving in with her and found myself in a unique situation. I was getting sex from both. My wife let me do what I wanted. If I came home she would go upstairs and get naked and then entice me to make love to her. She didn't have to try very hard. I was enjoying being with two women. It was awesome like being a rock star. I had two women fighting over me . Eventually I decided to go back to my wife. She won me back. Now looking back it turns me on thinking of her enjoying another man. I love her so much. I think married people should enjoys themselves and not be so stuck in the old ways . Enjoy things as they come.

21 days ago


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    • This is terrible on so many levels. I was an only child. Imagine catching your mother with a neighbor . Well it happened to me. I heard them fucking and curious I went upstairs and looked threw the key hole. Our home was built in the 30's . I saw my mom sucking Mr. John's cock. Then saw her get on top and watched them kissing and fondling each other. I was horrified. Never told my dad. But it changed how I felt about my mother. She was a lush and a slut. Dirty fucking whore.

    • Your wife needs more than you can give her. It happens all to frequently these days. She is horny and if sexy young woman every man will want his turn with her. My wife cheated on me too many times to count. I stayed because I knew she was out of my league. I was very average and she was drop dead gorgeous. She figured I would be happy to have such a sexy wife . I was and knew I probably wouldn't find another hot babe like her. So I put up with the cheating. Good luck . You are going to need it.

    • It will never be the same again

    • Cheating fucks things up. Its never the same again.

    • This is so true shared my wife with numerous men .

    • Not right, one big snafu

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