What should I do about flirt with M-I-L

I was a party with my in-laws recently. My father in law got drunk and the end of the night/ early morning I helped my mother in law bring him back to their suite. We dropped him on the bed and went to the next room. I gave her a kiss on the cheek goodnight and I left my hand on her shoulder just looking and she was staring back at me. Then I moved my hand to the back of her head ran my fingers through her shortish hair. She did nothing only stare at me. I think I was saying something like how great she looked. I leaned in again really slowly and gave her some really slow real sensual kisses (but on the cheek). Then I moved away and left the room.
We have not spoken about it sense but it is obvious it is still there in the room.
I offen fantasies about her, had have masterbated several times thinking about her.
I know it's completely wrong but it's such a buzz. I would love to follow up on it and say or do something. She is really shy so she definitely won't.
What do you think?

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  • She knows:
    1. You might have been drinking, so she will give you a pass;
    2. She knows that you have the hots for her;
    3. She might have been drinking and/or flattered by you, but won't admit it;
    4. All of the above, but wait for her to make the next move.

  • I was thinking about asking her about when we are alone and ask why she didn't back away.....

  • Good idea, see what she says. If something happened between you two would she keep it a secret? I was in a similar situation when i slept with my long term exgirlfriend's mum. Luckily she didn't want tell her daughter and neither did I.

  • I'm thinking that goes into #3. She may have regretted it in the morning. But she liked the attention. Chances are that she thinks you look really nice.

  • Leave it alone or it will end in tears for everybody concerned

  • I know you are right about it ending in tears but the thrill is so great.

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