Days of with mother in law

Since the first time I met my mother in law, there was something about her that made me want to get closer to her. She's 5'0 tall Short hair,in her late 60s arthritis in her fingers, missing teeth, saggy tits , big weird shaped ass, ugly feet and toes. But I have always had a sexual attraction to her and I spend every day off I have with her.
I started visiting her 3 years ago I would go over and have breakfast with her, I'd give her a friendly hug when I got there and when I would leave.
After a year I would hug her with both arms then as we got closer I would walk up to her and hug her from behind , wrapping my arms her as she made breakfast in her pajamas without her bra as I tried to get my hands on her saggy tit's, I would give her a kiss on the cheek as I hugged her from behind as she was either cooking or doing laundry. I wanted more than just hugs and kisses to the cheek.

So one day that I went to visit, she was laying down on the couch, she said she was not feeling well, so I made her some tea and sat down on the couch and put her feet on my lap, I took off her slippers and started rubbing her feet one foot then the other one, I would rub cream on her dry feet every time I go visit after a few weeks her feet were silky smooth and soft.
Slowly my hands moved up from her feet to her ankles eventually up her calf.
As she laid there in her pajamas as I tried to get my hands farther up her legs I was in her pajamas rubbing her thigh, she would lay there with her eyes closed telling me how nice that feels.
So one day I went on my day off to visit her like I have been for a few years, I walked in and walked up behind her and put my arms around her as she made breakfast, but this time I put my hands down lower than I usually did and I had her boobs in my hands, I pulled her in towards my body as I kissed her cheek, I put my hand in her pajama top grabbing her huge saggy boob I slowly rubbed my fingers on her huge erect nipple, kissing her cheek down to her neck as my other hand unbuttoned her pajama top,
As she let out little moans and her breathing was getting heavier, I pulled down the left side of her pajama top off her shoulder, kissing my way down her neck to her shoulder.
I unbuttoned the last two buttons pulling open her top her saggy boobs and hard nipples hanging down towards her belly button i take off her top as I continue kissing her neck and shoulders.

My cock is getting harder and harder.
I put a hand on each boob as I squeeze one and play with her nipple with the other hand.

She feels my hard throbbing cock through my shorts against her ass. I press it against her ass as I pull down her pajama pants dropping down around her ankles.
She reaches behind her and rubs her hand on my shorts feeling my cock, I turn her around and with both her hands she pulls down my shorts as they drop around my ankles sticking her hand in my boxers she grabs my hard throbbing cock and strokes it slowly.
I suck on her neck giving her hickeys she starts to moan harder and louder as she strokes my cock faster and and harder.
I pull down her panties as they drop around her ankles she lifts one leg at a time removing her pajamas and panties as I step out of my clothes.
I run my hands down her back as I grab her ass cheeks in each hand. She sucks on my neck as I spread her ass apart I work my fingers to her butthole, I put one finger in and finger her ass.
She starts kissing and licking my neck kissing my chest, she grabs me by the hand walking me to the living room, she sits me down and lays me on my back and drops to her knees playing with my cock she licks the precum as she kisses the tip of my rock hard cock.
She spreads my legs gets between them and licks my balls as she gently sucks each Ball licking down between my legs.
I tell her to lay on top of me with her ass in my face I spread her ass open and lick her old loose hole it's dripping wet with her ass juice,as I suck her on her butthole she moans loudly as she licks the shaft of my cock slapping it on her tongue,
I put my mouth between her legs and taste her dripping hot wet granny pussy I suck her long lips as I swallow her juices.
Sucking my cock she slurps and smacks her lips each time she pulls it out her mouth.
I have her turn on her back as I get between her legs licking her huge clit ( looks like a mini penis) I suck her clit like a nipple, her body shaking with pleasure , her legs tremble as I suck her huge clit, I kiss my way up her chubby wrinkly body kissing and licking her stretched marks till I get to her saggy boobs I get both boobs and squeeze them together as I suck on both her huge. Giant nipples.
I put one of her boobs in her mouth and watch her sucking her huge nipple as I suck the other one.
I spread her legs open,grab her by the ankles lifting her legs in the air as I tell her to play with her juicy wet old pussy.
My cock is hardest I have ever felt it as it throbs as I put her big toe in my mouth and suck it.
With one hand I wipe up the precum my throbbing cock is dripping on my leg I put my finger in her mouth as she taste it, she pulls me down putting her soaking wet fingers saturated in her warm juices in my mouth as I suck them clean.
Finally I get between her legs and my cock glides straight into her hot wet old pussy as I pound her pussy harder and harder I put both legs on my shoulders banging her as hard as I can, she moans loudly as she digs her old arthritic fingers in sides scratching me as she can.
I have her get up and lean her over the couch I spread her ass open and put my cock in her butthole and slam it in her ass as hard as I can she lets out a loud scream as I continue to fuck her ass as fast and hard as I can with out stopping as she screams out with pain and pleasure " cum in my ass" fill me up with your milk and I give her her hot load of milk she asked for.
I leave my cock in her ass as it gets limp I pull it out as I watch my milk run out her ass down between her legs, with two fingers I get my milk dripping out of her ass I reach around putting my milk and ass juice covered fingers in her mouth as she sucks them clean.
I lay down next to her as we cuddle and kiss I can taste my milk on her tongue as we both fall asleep

1 month ago

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    • God I thought we get a break from the fake MIL stories.
      Fact is most people can't stand their in-laws! Hell my MIL punched me when I told her to stay the fuck out of our business. I told her that is the only shot she gets and she tried again. That was caught in my hand and I squeezed her fist firmly and said the next attempt will be met with a fist from me.

      The only time she gave me respect was when I took her out on my boat. We where docking and she fell in between the boat and dock. I grabbed her by her shirt and neck and one armed her right back in the boat. She thanked me because she couldn't swim and told my wife I was a lot stronger then she thought. Other than that we couldn't stand each other. As for her father, he was a drunk asshole that died from drinking.

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