Me and my girlfriend’s fantasies

My girlfriend is a gorgeous blue eyed, blonde haired, slim girl. She’s a dancer. 36C and a perfect bubble butt. Always wet, able to squirt, and loves anal. When she was a kid she was abused, molested, and raped by her step father from ages 4 to 16. She had always been ashamed, not because it happened, but because it led to her daddy daughter fantasy. She finally broke down and told me- well, she didn’t tell me exactly. She was telling me a story about what he did one time and didn’t realize how wet she was getting. She asked, “Is it weird that I’m telling you this?” I said, “Is it weird I’ve been stroking my cock the whole time?” She said, “Is it weird I’ve been fingering myself this whole time?” I said, “Ok, we’re good then. Continue.” As she continued her story, it was clear she was hinting more and more at being ashamed and feeling guilty that she liked daddy daughter stuff. She started to say, “I don’t know if you could do it, like, give me what I’m looking for... be that guy and...” I interrupted her and said, “Tell me what you want daddy to do to you.” She was not expecting that, and she came immediately! That led to the hottest sex ever! Since then, all she has to do is call me “daddy” and I become this dominate lustful alpha male, and she becomes this submissive obedient little girl. She always made it very clear that what happened to her back then, and what we do now, are totally separate things. She loves the daddy daughter stuff between us, but hates thinking about what really happened back then. Since this came out though, we also discovered she has a rape fantasy as well, which she wasn’t even aware of. Now she loves getting tied up and abused. We haven’t done anything with another people yet, but talking about it while I’m raping her drives us both wild. Even though all this new information and new fantasies came out, there’s still one of my own I’ve kept secret from her. She has always loved cum and hated condoms. This is because when her step father would rape her, he would always wear a condom. She’s always viewed cum as a sign of a job well done. Because he wore a condom, she had to endure the abuse, but never got the reward at the end. Even though she makes a clear distinction between sex with “daddy” and being abused by her step father, I still always have this thought in the back of my mind: It would’ve been all worth it, she would’ve loved it, if only her step father would’ve ripped off the condom, shoved his cock in her pussy, and cum deep inside her!- She doesn’t know it, but this is what goes through my head every time I’m fucking her. It makes me cum so hard!


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  • Yeah , l understand, l was raped and l hated it, and it fucked me up, but the idea of being raped makes me cum so hard, it is my jerk off orgasm trigger.

  • You are very lucky

  • Haha thanks

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