Extra fun for girlfriend

While in College my buddy used to have the hots for my girl Kathy. It was all cool cause his girl used to have the hots for me. I even had the opportunity to fondle and suck on her tits one night after drinking but that’s about as far as we took it. My friend Dan was taller and much thinner than me. Over time I got used to watching him pee and it was pretty obvious he was pretty gifted down there. Right before the Holidays everyone decided to get together and have one last party before we all split. After drinking it up heavily Dans girlfriend Kendra decided to leave to her apartment which was right next to mine and Dan decided to crash at my place. Kathy walks past Dan and myself wearing only panties and a small T-shirt. It was long before we headed to bed when I decided I wanted to fuck Kathy and it was obvious she was feeling pretty good. It wasn’t long before I was pumping her doggie style when the thought of Dan fucking Kathy crossed my mind. As I’m pumping her I tell Kathy I’m going to pee and be right back but I sneak off to get Dan and I tell Dan now is your chance if you’re willing you can get her in doggie position. Dan cannot believe me and says he’ll yes. It isn’t long before we both walk back into the room and I position Dan to aim his cock at Kathy from behind. I have to keep starring at Dan cause I’m a little worried as much bigger he is than mine would Kathy catch on. So immediately Dan enters her slowly when Kathy let’s out a lovely passionate moan. I tell Dan to proceed slowly it it’s obvious Kathy can feel the difference as she moans more than I’ve ever heard her. Dan continues to pump her from behind as I continue to talk to Kathy so she thinks it’s me. I ask her if she likes it’s and she moans yessssss. Your cock feels so much bigger. She’s just totally lusting and going on about how she loves my cock and how good I’m fucking her better than ever before. I cannot believe the stamina Dan has and it isn’t long before she’s screaming but in a passionate way she’s coming. I had never been able to maker Kathy cum or moan as much as Dan is making her. After about 25/30 min of him pumping her from behind and her cumming several ties Dan finally cums inside of her.I quickly signaled Dan to leave the room.I’m so excited as I see Kathy’s bubble butt just laying there and I know I can’t enter her... not after Dans big cock just gives her the best pounding she’s ever had so I just lose control and dive Kathy ass and pissy and start eating her out. I’m not sure if it’s the right thing to do but her deep moan gives me the answer i needed to continue. Yes I’m eating his and her cum but she’s totally getting off it. It isn’t long before she’s cumming all over again. As I’m done she deeply hugs me and tells me oh my god you felt so much bigger and better than ever before. She was asking what came over me. I’m am stunned for words to stay but I say I just love her smoking hot body and I’m glad to have her. That morning as she’s coming out of the shower she makes a comment to me as she lays back in bed she is so sore down there that I will need to give her a few days to recover and I just smile and laugh.By doing this every one went home happy !!


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  • I talked my wife into flashing my friend after a night of partying. Turned into a threesome, him in her mouth and me from behind. That was nearly twenty years ago and every time we get together we do it again. This summer I met him for a drink as he was passing through, he lives in another city now and we haven’t seen each other in maybe four years, and he called saying let’s meet for a beer and a burger while I’m in town. I said okay and headed there after work. We sat and ate, and caught up. I had told my wife where I was going and who I was meeting with for a burger. She said okay have fun. As we finished up our food, my wife walked in the restaurant. She wasn’t invited and didn’t say she was going to meet us. She just walked up and gave him a hug and said how are we doing this? We went to my truck and they sat in the back seat and made out and she went down on him. He thanked her and me and then went on his way!

  • I got caught by my buddies wife trying to pull that stunt off on her. Nothing came of it just him getting mildly yelled at.

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