Creampied and Shared Wife

Well, it has become the taboo subject for us, - as a couple that is. It started as a fantasy of mine, but has developed and I am somewhat liberated that I have the desire to let her have some fun with a few BBC's while I watch. For me IO want to fuck her last after they have creampied her pussy. Strictly no protection!

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  • My husband loves eating freshly ejaculated cum from my pussy. But he makes such a utter ass of himself getting in the way I no longer allow him to come with me. Instead I meet and fuck other men then bring my cum filled hot wet cunt home for him to clean up. If he would shut his mouth and not get in the way or ask my lovers to this or that he could watch. But he just can't help himself. He gets to fucking excited at the sight of any man's cock plowing my bush so I have to leave him pacing at home eagerly waiting my return. Men some are just too over the top. Enjoy!

  • I agree! Nothing better than licking and fucking my wife's well used pussy. We have lived this lifestyle for years now. Always black and always bareback! She loves it

  • Have at it. Hope you both enjoy it. Nothing like fucking a stretched used pussy and I truly mean that. You may not feel the tightness but the thought of her pussy filled with another mans seed will turn you on almost to where you’ll want to come immediately

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