My experience

My name is Stephanie I started college when i was 19 right after finishing high school. At that time i was dating a guy i been with since i was 15. A white guy named Carl. We went to prom and everything together. We were so in love. Then we were graduating high school together. And i got accepted into penn state and he was going to a community college.
We stayed in contact and video chatted when we had time. By time i was 20 and only seeing my boyfriend on semester break and contact through phone. We broke up that summer.
Going back to college that fall after breaking up was difficult. But we both moved on. I started college back up and just tried continue like nothing was wrong.
I had biology class and had a project and we were assigned partners to work with. I got assigned to work with this black guy named Tyrell. We started working on the project and exchanged numbers to keep in contact about project. While doing the project id always catch him glancing at my ass or tits. But didnt say anything.
We finished up the project and didnt talk much to each other until 2 weeks later he text me out no where started up a conversation which he was a total gentlemen about. We agreed to meet up some time.
We met up for dinner. We ate a great dinner then talked a little bit. He asked me to go back to his dorm which was on campus like mine was. It was a friday night and our roommates went home for weekend.
I told him ill come to his dorm after i got to my dorm to get changed. I was uncomfortable in clothes i had on. So i changed into a tank top and pair of yoga pants.
Went to his dorm at 9:00 at night. Listen to music started talking about classes and our past relationships. (I learned he never been with a white girl or friends with one. Same for me never been with or friends with a black guy. )
I was having a decent time. I was texting a friend but then dropped my phone i bent over to pick it up and i felt tyrell slap my ass and say i have always admired your ass since we met.
I didnt know what to say other than thank you and laugh. We talked for little while. When i look out the window he walked up behind me and put his arms around me and started kissing my neck.
He hit my wild spot so i turn around to face him and started kissing him. We kissed for awhile. Then we started taking clothes off. He was down to his boxers and i was down to a bra and thong. We laid on the bed together and started kissing. Eventually he took my hand and placed it on his boxers where i could feel a huge cock underneath it. I was getting really wet at this point.
So i sat up and pulled his boxers down to reveal a 10 inch cock. And thick like a bottle. I was totally stunned. I never seen a cock so huge and thick. Carls cock was only at best 6 inches and not thick at all. Tyrell oh my god. I couldnt believe i was about to ride this.
So i start sucking his cock as best as i can considering so big and thick but he was really enjoying it. I really wanted to fuck him that night. After sucking him he took my thong and bra off. And started eating me out.
Then moved up to kiss me and started positioning his cock to insert it into me. He slowly pushes it in. Starts out with slow thrusts. Then starts to pick up.
He now is thrusting really fast and start to feel all of him inside me now. We switch position to me on top of him. I get right on him and start grinding and then i have my first real orgasam. Something i never felt before.
But i kept grinding away until i had a second orgasam. We go to switch position to doggy style.
He sticks it in, and starts slapping my ass and pounding away I'm loving it I'm telling him how his cock is best I ever had. He pulls my hair I have another orgasm. He starts thrusting faster and says oh damn steph I can't hold this load anymore I'm gonna cum. I say to him yes cum, he keeps thrusting and says you want me to cum inside you? I reply back with yes cum inside me. He tenses up and yells out fuck and explodes with strong force inside me shooting cum all over inside me.

It was a great night, I think he shot so much of a load inside me cause of all those protein shakes he drinks haha.

But after that night I decided while I was in college I keep it a secret and I'd date only black guys. Cause my parents and especially my dad hates blacks but I love them.

Tyrell and I dated for a few months after this and had plenty of great sex, then tyrell moved to another school, but I kept seeing black guys.
I hooked up for sex 3 times with another classmate this guy named xavier who was amazing,he was super ghetto though but I loved he was super dominate. He came inside me all three times.
met another guy at a party, never got his name but he was jacked football guy and I tried new things with this guy. Tried anal and swallowed his cum.

Another guy named Eric met on Facebook lived near college but didn't go to college and i told him I wanted to meet up one night to fuck. He was cute and tall and had a super thick cock. We really went all out, missionary, doggy, 69, long night of sex with this guy. He had strong stamina and could really go. Never got soft wanted to keep going. Liked talking dirty. Every couple mins I had an orgasm, he came 5 times. 2 times inside me, once in my mouth, once on my back and once on my tits. That night was great. We kept in contact anyway and are currently dating since February. One more semester of college left, I'm going to be 25 by end of this year. Graduation will be in January.

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  • You go girl. I too met my first black guy in college. We had sex it was the greatest. He fucked my brains out. He was relentless. Had sex 3 times in one night and once in morning when we woke up and every time I let him cum inside me

  • Nigger fucking whore!

  • Gonna have some tar babies huh?

  • Nobody gives a shit!

  • Black girls have sweet meaty pink cunt s and love being eating out .

  • At this day and age I'm not really sure this is a confession. Seems pretty straight forward to me. Funny how so many white women are chasing black cock, while black women are chasing white chauvinism.

    I've dated black women exclusively for the past 12years. They all tell me they love how well I treat them, how I talk to them respectfully, how I open doors, hold out chairs, treat their mothers with courtesy. I take them traveling with me, to concerts and museums. Introduce them to new foods, cultures, and experiences they never had or conceived of ever experiencing.

    It's funny too how many black men and women will jump on a black woman dating outside her race, while they all think it's OK for a black man to date a white girl. Just some crazy shit.

    And before any of you jump in, I've got to tell you each of the black women I've dated have treated me better, shown me more love and respect, cooked better, kept my house better, and were better in bed than any of the white women I've dated or the 2 I had married (both gold diggers).

  • White women are lazy and entitled

  • Black men do not eat pussy.

  • Marry a black man, have black babies and live a happy life :)

  • Happy only if he has a white guy sucking his big cock two or three times a week and swallowing his seed. That'll make him happy --- and the white guy, too. I'm a white, married man and love sucking black cock.

  • I wouldn't mind marrying Eric and having his babies. Eric is actually 22 while I'm 24. He is younger than me.

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