Double Dip

I have been double dipping with my wife. I have been sleeping with my coworker for 2 years now both married. I have been coming home and dipping my raw cock into my wife with my coworkers pussy juices and cum all over it. When we book a room she showers my cock with her urine. I come home and I get horny and I just put my wife in bed and insert my cock with all our sex juices all over it.

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  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

  • My wife is closet bi. The only time she'll blow me is when I come home from sleeping with another woman. btw, I didn't start cheating on her until she convinced me was more than fine with it.

  • Yeah, my wife made it clear long before we were a couple that she prefers manly men. Part of that was she expects manly men to cheat. Even though we are married, she gets cranky if I take too long between catting nights. Lipstick on my collars and boxers make her purr. Frankly, I got me a mistress so I could fake carousing so I could keep my wife happy without worrying about diseases. My current mistress knows and helps me keep the planted evidence diverse

  • You nasty

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