I came on my face

I remember having video camera sex with a young lady from the Bronx. She was ugly but had a nice body. I was horny as fuck. I started jerking off on camera and was stroking my dick so hard that the cum blast shot up and hit the side of my face. She laughed but she enjoyed it. I should have came on her!!!

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  • I confessed to my high school gf that I could autofellate. Of course she wanted me to prove it...again and again and again. It got so kinky with us before we broke up and she spread rumors about me being gay.

  • Some women do like it. I also think that a lot of women like to watch guys masturbate (guys they're interested in-not just any guy) and are afraid to ask. Girls, we'll gladly do it for you if you ask or if we know you like it. I had a girlfriend who liked to watch me and talked me into stripping my clothes all the way off and lying on my back and shoulders on the floor with my hips on the edge of the couch. I stroked it while she played with my balls and asshole. She encouraged me vocally with "Jerk that cock, baby!" "Cum on your face" When I did, she knelt down and licked it off my mouth, chin, and neck.

  • That happened with me in college. The girl I hooked up with jerked me and I came, some went in my mouth. I liked the taste, when I got back to my dorm room i jerked myself but this time tried to cum in my own mouth. Which I did.

    Soon I jerked off several times a day into a glass and drank my cum so i wouldn't waste a drop. I found this more satisfying then being with a woman. I time I could suck my own cock and blew myself several times a day. 20 years later I only want my mouth on my cock and to swallow my own cum.

    I have not been with anyone since I started doing this. I will never waste my cum in some woman's slut mouth, I want it all for myself.

  • My wife is very accomodating. I'll lie in bed, she lifts up my hips so my penis is near my face. Then I play with my penis until I cum on my face and in my mouth. She laughs and calls me her little faggot. Then she gets dressed and goes out on a date. If I've been a good boy she'll bring the date home so he can jizz on my face after I suck his penis.

  • I had a chick call me her little faggot one night. I knew right then she was the one I wanted to marry.

  • When I was a teen my first girlfriend used to love to jerk me of and was amazed at how far my cum would shoot. Many times I would end up with cum on my face or in my hair. She loved to aim it for my face.

  • Same thing here. My first real gf loved to watch me cum, and really enjoyed when I would blast hard enough to get my face. The first time some flew in my open mouth she lol'd, but it really turned her on. After that it was like a game to her to try and make it happen again. I will never forget the time I told her I was getting close, and she told me to open my mouth. I can still hear her lol's when I think about it.

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