Dirty panty fetish

This morning I woke up and found a pair of my step daughters dirty panties on my pillow this morning when I rolled over on my pillow I smelled something different . . I already knew that it was . Because the smell is very intoxicating. Nothing better than waking up to nice pair of dirty panties on my pillow in the morning.
My wife and her daughter both had gone to work already . So I reached over to my nightstand and grabbed my hand lotion and put her panties over my face and the c crotcharea over my nose so I can really enjoy the smell of her dirty panties and I started jacking my dick and when I about to Cumm I shoot my load into her dirty panties and layed them back into my pillow and got cleaned up and went to work . Later that night when I got home I noticed a different pair of dirty panties on my pillow again. But this time it was my wife’s dirty panties on my pillow this time . I can tell the difference between to of their panties because they have 2 different brands of panties. I don’t really care who’s panties I find on my pillow because I enjoy smelling both of their dirty panties. I’m not sure what kind of games that they are playing with me . I just know that I’m going to have sex with one or the other. And if I’m really lucky I will be able to have sex with both of them . 1 at a time will just fine with me. Because mother and daughter having sex with the same man at the same time would make someone very uncomfortable. And I don’t want to put them in that kind of position . But me deing a man to have sex with mother and daughter at the same time would be amazing for any man .
So after a few weeks I decided to sit down and have a talk with them and ask them about how they keep putting their dirty panties on my pillow while I am sleeping.
That’s when they told me that she’s her step daughter not her daughter. And how she is her ex husbands daughter. So I asked them why didn’t you tell me about this before . She told me that she wasn’t sure if I would understand her situation . I replied back to her and said that we’ve been married for almost 2 years now and both of didn’t trust me enough to tell me anything .
So finally she told me she not her step daughter and how she’s is her girlfriend . So I told her that all she needed to do is just tell that I wouldn’t care that she your girlfriend. And how I’m a little bit upset for the 2 of you not saying anything to me I wouldn’t care that you have a girlfriend. And now I know why I kept finding dirty panties on my pillow . So what are the 2 of you up to are you trying to set me up for trying to have sex with your girlfriend. Yes I would love to go down on her between her legs and enjoy eating her out and tasting her pussy . And after knowing how I was sniffing her dirty panties. And I’m pretty sure that you guys found her panties with my Cumm inside of them. All the 2 of you needed to do is tell me that you wanted me to join you guys in bed. Yes I told them that I’m really pissed off but really turned on at the same time . So they got up and walked over to me and grabbed my hands and pulled me into the bedroom and and started kissing me and running their hands all over my body and began removing my clothes and removing their clothes also and made me lay down on the bed and they started sucking on my duck and working their way up to my lips and neck areas w telling me how they want me to watch them eating each other’s pussy’s . So I had a seat on the side of the bed just watching them made me so fucking horny . I couldn’t hold back any longer so I got up behind her girlfriend and started eating her ass it was such a amazing thing I was doing to my wife’s girlfriend. I wanted to fuck them so bad that I was about to explode .
I’ve never been with 2 woman at the same time much less my wife and her girlfriend that’s even more of a turn on for any man that’s more of a fantasy that most of the time it never comes true. So I’m the lucky man that has his fantasy coming true.
A few minutes later my wife told me to fuck her girlfriend and Cumm inside of her so she can eat her cream pie . My wife just Blown my mind by telling me to do that . When I shoot my load inside of her girlfriend she pulled me out of her and started sucking on my dick and made me Cumm again into her mouth and they started kissing each other with my Cumm inside her mouth . I was so amazed from what just happened in front of me and me being a part of that . The only time I was able to see that happen was in a porn movie . 😱👍

11 days ago

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    • I’m so frustrated and ready to leave my 8 year relationship because of my step son. He moved in with us nearly 3 years ago, and has no intention of going anywhere, any time soon. He is 24 years old. He has a very good paying job, yet he is made to pay for nothing. He contributes nothing around the house. He is a selfish, entitled little p**** that has done nothing but ruin his dads and my relationship. We fight all the time over it, as I am fed up buying all the groceries and house supplies that he is not made to pay anything towards. I’m expected to cook for him (which is painful, as he eats as though he’s a 12 year old, chicken fingers and fries, very picky)
      My bf just gets angry at me anytime o address the issuer that he should be paying something to live with us, just to teach him responsibilities. He does nothing but buy new expensive things for himself, like a $70,000 truck, a $25,000 custom snowmobile..while I’m working my ass off to have my old vehicle and buy his groceries. I’m so sick of it, but can’t bring myself to accept that it’s only my problem, and nothing will ever change. Things are only getting more tense around the house. I just don’t get how he doesn’t see how he’s being played and taken advantage of...or is that me??? I don’t know what to do anymore! Any suggestions?

    • I took my sister's panties. She just started masturbating and I love her pussy smell. I like how colorful hers are and while I never get any just worn I don't mind the day old ones.

    • Waitress arrives to the table with the check. Hubby gives her the card, and she goes to check us out. She evidentially opened the booklet on her way, because she came back to our table. "You forgot to give me a tip." Husband and I look at her absolutely dumbfounded. She cannot be serious, there's no way she's serious! We tell her she didn't get one because we didn't enjoy our service. She then begins to explain how it is customary to leave waitresses tips, regardless of how service went. My husband looks at her and says "Okay, how much is customary?"
      "About 15 dollars."
      No, absolutely not. I tell her 5 is the best we can do, since that was what was in my wallet at the time, and that 5 dollars was honestly more than what she deserved. She looks upset but takes the five dollar bill from me, and turns away without another word. We are checked out, and we leave. Husband and I would have told the manager what happened, but since he took her side last time we complained, we didn't want to waste our breath. We got into our car and went home.

    • I love to sniff and lick my daughters dirty panties every chance I get. She is very slim and petit and very pretty. Her little cunny smells so good I would to lick her out for real rather than having to sniff and lick her dirty panties.
      I love it when they are really fresh still warm slightly sweaty and sometimes really sticky. I just love to sniff them and lick her little bits of pussy juice.
      I fantasise about her catching me jacking off while sniffing her dirty panties that she had just taken off and eventually I get her to sit on my face so I can suck and lick her clit until she creams into my mouth then as I am cumming I slip my nose right inside her wet cunny and take deep sniffs getting all her creamy cum up my nostrils so that I can smell her all evening.
      Who else loves to sniff dirty panties? I know a couple of my friends do as well and we do actually swap daughters and wifes dirty panties regularly.

    • Davids5150@yahoo.com I love to sniff dirty panties

    • Me 2 I really love to sniff and lick my step daughters dirty nasty panties. And put the leg opening over my ears and the crouch area of her dirty panties over my nose to smell her pussy and her asshole while I’m stroking my raging hard cock until I’m about to shoot my load of Cumm inside of her dirty panties and put them back down where I found them at. I almost got busted a few days ago by my wife. My mistake I forgot to lock the bathroom door. It was a good thing I was s thing that I was sitting down on the toilet. So I was able to hide them from my wife when she opened the bathroom door.
      The only problem was that I was about to Cumm inside her daughters dirty panties. But I didn’t get a chance to Cumm so I was backed up all day until we went to our bedroom and I decided to jump on top of her and pound her pussy so hard and shoot my load inside of her . But I was thinking about her daughter I was fucking her not my wife. I’m really lucky that I didn’t call out her daughters name .

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