Vuja Day - I experienced something totally new and unexpected

I saw something I have never seen in the sex and drug scene, and I was sure I’d seen it all by now. There is a casual square in my city where a guy can go and either find just about any drug or contraband thing he’s into or at least get a serious lead on where to find it within a day or so. I’ve been hitting the neighbourhood on and off at least once every month or two my whole life, and I don’t think I ever seen anyone or anything get too out of hand. I’ve certainly never seen or heard of the cops being down there giving anyone a hard time about anything. It’s definitely always been a lot more hippy than gangsta or criminal or anything, and I often go for walks down the just to enjoy the laid back feel of it all.

I was about a block and a half away from the main square in more of a park of sorts, it’s more of a modernized brick and bench street performers area now, with most of the trees and foliage thinned out and cut back from the stage type area, and it sure isn’t a Forrest, but there are still some big clusters of trees away from the heavier traffic areas, and I was wandering around over there seeing what I could find.

I came across a teen girl, probably high school age, clearly homeless and into drugs, kinda sketchy but not psychotic, and she was some race that isn’t white, but she wasn’t a foreigner either. She was definitely born and raised Canadian, and she ear going through her things and trying to organize the chaos of her backpack when another girl about the same age, but cleaner and carrying less baggage, most likely not homeless, but definitely friendly and known to the other girl.

I strained to hear what was going on, and I’m pretty sure the girl who shower up is asking the homeless girl if she has any drugs, most likely meth from then looks of things, but the homeless woman seems offended almost. “I always have, but have you got any money or anything?” The other girl was sad and shook her head, and the other one was saying “Look, you’re my like my best friend and I love you and all, but I can’t just be giving all my shit away all the time, I’m already the poorest motherfucker on Sesame Street, ain’t nobody helping me. You wanna Just smoke a big bowl with me?” The other girl sure cheered up in hurry and I watched them blowing clouds for a bit and was about to go when the homeless girl locked eyes with me and we just stared at each other for a minute, and then she turned to her friend and said maybe she could give her some to take home if she could help her out again like last time, and then she uncrossed her legs and pulled her skirt up to expose she was going commando under there, and she also had a beautifully shaved teenaged pussy, which is more like an untouched rosebud waiting to blossom. When you’ve seen as much porn as I have; I immediately felt dirty with feelings of guilt and perversion for staring at something so pure. She was maybe 20 feet away and looked at me seriously, but the smiled shyly and laid back into the grass without even waiting for an answer from her friend who didn’t even look around before slamming her face right into that pussy like she obviously had a thousand times before, and I just sat there watching all of it like it e was the best porn I had ever seen, maybe because it was totally illegal on so many levels. Lesbian underage sex In broad daylight right out in the open, so loud and within earshot of so many people less than 50 yards away. She was writhing in ecstasy while grinding her hips into the girls face, and she was obviously ok and used to all of it. She had a tremendous orgasm and must have thought it was well worth the trade. The girl took her dope and ran, and the homeless girl was sitting up and staring at me again.

I wanted to speak with her and know more about her, and he quickly blurted out, “Have you ever asked a girl to suck you off after getting her high?” Wow. When haven’t I? And I don’t think it’s ever been out of making it an obligation on their part, I was just horny as fuck and grasping tot the closest mouth, and the convenient thing about drugs is once you’ve gotten high and sucked someone off, yiu kinda wanna keep doing that every time you get high. Especially if you’re using meth and just spent 5 hours sucking it, and I’m not gay or saying I’ve sucked a lot of cock, but if you’re high on meth everyday, it’s honestly gonna happen eventually. You’re horny and can’t get hard long enough somethings gotta give eventually. Ask any methhead you’re never gonna see again, he’ll practically brag about that shit, especially if he’s high, cuz they have no shame.

Anyways, getting back to the girls now, how come when a guy gets a girl to suck dick for dope he’s a greasy fucking pervert, but when a Woman asks another woman its one of the most beautiful and innocent things I’ve ever seen? I have never even heard of that happening before, and I’m so sure that it happens everyday, but why isn’t anyone talking about it? How would you feel if either of them was your daughter? I dunno. I don’t have any kids but I think about that shit everyday. The world is a mad, mad place, and I dunno if we can say we really know right from wrong anymore.

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