Flight to PHX

Was on a business trip and got the aisle seat. Nice looking tall blond last sits by the window with an empseat in between. We chat a bit and it’s an instant connection.
I had to meet my client right away for golf and dinner that night. I head to my hotel. Change and think... I gotta try.
She had told me her name and where she was staying. I called the hotel. She didn’t answer. I left a message with my hotel info. I get back after dinner and the light is blinking.
She leaves a message. I call back right away. We’re both married. Timid. But want something. We exchanged work email addresses as we thought that was the most careful way to connect.
The next day we are going all day. I have another client dinner planned but we plan to get together after. I head to her hotel. She asks me to bring drinks. I get to her door. She opens it, I step in and before the door is closed she is kissing me HARD. GOD she’s hot. I mean smoking. She was a college cheerleader. Still has a great body and this sweet sexy confident attitude. She’s cerebral. I mean she was into my head in no time on the plane. Shes intelligent. knows a lot about everything. And she’s kissing me. Dragging me to her room and telling me she wanted to get that out of the way.
We hold each other look at each other. Chat some more about how this is making us feel like teenagers.
And then sh starts moving away from me toward the bed. Taking off her clothes as she goes. She’s in bra and panties now and I’m starting to undress across the room by the window. The lights on by the bed and as I I take my pants and underwear down she says “oh,I’m going to have a nice big one tonight. “
Then she kind of freaked out and says OMG GET OVER HERE. Her coworkers are at the pool and can see her windows.
I climb on. We kiss more. She rolls me over. Is in top and I can still feel it and see it - she lowers herself onto me. I’m cheating now. We are cheating. I’m fucking her. She’s fucking me. I slow her down as she’s about to make me cum. Then it happens. I hold her tight to me and flood her cunt.
This was the first of around 5times we met over the next year. We agreed this was just about sex. It couldn’t go further.
She was addictive to me. I wanted her sex. Her presence. But I couldn’t change my life.
I finally called it quits when she said she was falling for me.


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  • It happened to me. It was suppose to be a sex on demand thing for this cute married girl at that was all. I broke it off when she said she was falling in love with me.

  • Too late bro, you have a stalker and she’s already told your wife. The wife has evidence and a lawyer. You are fucked

  • Nah. It’s been a few years.
    I stalk her a little tho. Look at her insta etc every now and then.

  • What’s her insta would t mind getting to see this beauty

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