The real me

I admit that when my wife goes to wprk. I get dressed in womens clothing and have men over..i beg them to be their sissy cock least two men every day
I am a sissy fag cock sucker

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  • Mmmmm good boy!

  • Would love dressing like a girl having your tongue going in and out of my ass as you work your way up. To my shaft wrapping your warm lips around the head as I slide it into your mouth...momspantysniffer

  • Mmmmm yummy

  • We can both dress and play with each other

  • Sissy dream..xo

  • OMG! I love it when a man calls me names like fag or queer or cocksucker! It makes my cock hard!

  • Same here

  • Man, screw these judgmental people. Enjoy your sexuality. No one can dictate what gets you hot. It’s easy to sit in judgment but you know either they are prude and will never truly have great orgasms or they are into other kinky shot that they’d never admit to. Each persons sexuality is their own. Fucking flex it.

  • You are one sick dude. Seriously, man, get professional help.

  • Gay b*stard,get a woman to f*ck,f*ck your wife queer

  • Professional help? What the hell for, he is just a horny closeted cock sucker. He might end up needing marriage counseling or a divorce lawyer.

  • Don't pay for anything, you can sort out your own sh*t

  • Contrary to what the Gay agenda will have you believe, homosexuality IS a mental disorder. Only after years of protesting and lobbying, did the medical/psychiatric community decide to bow down to the left wing liberals and no longer classify it as a mental disorder, although it meets all criteria for being a psychological disorder. Homosexuality is very difficult, if not impossible to cure, but can often be successfully treated with cognitive behavior modification therapy and gay aversion therapy. The most effective treatment is a baseball bat swung at full force up side the homosexuals head, however this permanent cure is often frowned upon and is unfortunately now illegal in most states.

  • Really,let the gay b*stard live with himself

  • Ignorant.

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