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I’m a 58 year old cross dressing man.
Presently I’m wearing a short black dress with brown trim, black and lavender bra with fake C cup breast. Black garter belt with patterned fish net stockings, black nylon panties, and black MaryJane pumps.
I would love to find someone who would teach me about makeup.
I would also love to find someone who would enjoy turning me into their toy. I’m looking for a guy or girl that would enjoy being my dominant other.

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  • Where are you ? I would love to get my hands on you, be aware that my most favourite punishment for my husband and nineteen year old son while naked and blindfolded is having their prick placed fully on the kitchen table and when I feel like it smashing it flat with a wooden ruler I have them stand with legs wide also blindfolded and knee them in the balls they are mostly very well behaved and jump to my every command or whim. How would you like to join in ?

  • In DC, but just got a new really important job that took lots of work and got some people mad

  • Darling around about where are you, I might agree to take you on as a subordinate, currently I have two male slaves and I am a very experienced female dom, I always wear latex or leather gear and have a dungeon fully set up at my rural home, my gurls are permitted to sexually satisfy me by tongue, finger and toys, I peg them both quite a lot doggie style so they often have sore bums, they have to fuck and suck each other in my presence as often as I require and are usually naked when they are with me, I also am very strict and punishment is severe.

  • I am straight 65 but in real good shape I have been cross dressing for twenty years I love being totally Femme but mainly only at home although I do go to the park for a walk sometimes, I do my own makeup and wigs I went to a course to learn everything male to female transformation very early on it was well worth every cent, I am upset when I have to go to work wearing my sexy panties but dressed and acting like a male.
    I am sure I could teach you a lot and would love to be your Dom however other than watching you masturbate and giving you punishment there would be nothing sexual between us, I would like to have you locked in a chastity cage though.
    Please advise your thoughts and where you live.

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