Prim and proper

I would say my wife his quite prim and proper , She tends to look down on people especially me . She dresses smart under her suits thou she wears sexy underwear and stockings always wears high heels , But I very rarely see her in her underwear she does not let me touch her very often . Where she works they had a firm's party and they could take there partners , So we went the only thing I know about her job is she always says her boss is repulsive old pervert . Anyway the drinks was flowing but I was driving so I couldn't drink , But my wife was knocking a few back which was unusual for her I found out later somebody added to the punch . We stayed to the end mainly because my wife fell asleep in a chair in a side room , There was only me and her boss left there and he was a bit worse for wear . He said that he had a room for the night if I wanted I could put my wife on the bed to sleep it off , So me and a waiter got my wife into the bedroom and laid her on the bed . She was out of it so was her boss he laid next to her so I sat in a chair , I was smiling to my self because my wife was putting her arm around her boss knowing what she thought of him it was funny . So I got my phone out and videoed them I thought show her how prim and proper she is now. Has I was videoing them I had a thought I could make it look worse like I walked in on them , Then she may treat me better after I show her the video . It was also a bit kinky but I liked it , What I did next I couldn't believe myself I undid two buttons on her top then thought what the heck then undone the rest . I then pushed her skirt up to her waist showing her knickers has I done this her boss rolled over , His head was on her chest and his hand on her belly . It was only inches from her knickers so I pulled her knickers out a little then put his hand inside ,Then i
thought I'll leave the room burst in shouting really loud . So I went outside the room shut the door and I could not get back in I was panicking I went to reception but nobody was any were to be found . I must have been gone 45min or so when I returned to the room door , I was in shock I could here a familiar sound of two people having sex . I had to bang the door it took a while before it opened they was both awake and apologetic ,Yes she treats me better now but the worse part when we got home we had sex and she was leaking if you know what I mean .

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  • Hows it feel being outperformed by a repulsive old perv?

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