Finding his stash

I'm a single woman with no kids and enjoy the company of my 16 year old nephew when he comes and stays and just before lockdown i was cleaning his room when i found his little stash under the bed 3 pairs of my knickers with cum stains on them im not surprised he's young but he could of used something else,I put them back and waited until that evening for him to be in his room and burst in catching him wanking he was having fun now it was my turn i was wearing a black skirt and shirt with stockings and as i slowly walked up to him i seen him put his hands on his hips and was fully erect i asked seeing as you wank with my underwear do you want to fuck me he looked shocked as i unbuttoned my shirt showing my bra and noticed his cock twitch and then slowly lifted my skirt to where he called see a little bit of my knickers and he lost control his cock twitching like crazy firing cum everywhere on my skirt legs and feet i quickly left and headed to my bedroom and started laughing never thought someone would cum for just seeing a little underwear.

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  • Cos your ugly as fuck

  • Did you eventually let him fuck you and take his cum & virginity?

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  • When I was 15 and staying with my aunt who was in her 40s. One afternoon I was in the shower when she asked to come into the bathroom to get something. Now, I was in the shower having a wank and she didn't wait for an answer so just walked in. She saw me trying to cover myself and just smiled and said it was OK and to show her. I uncovered my cock then she reached out to touch it with her fingertips them wrapped her hand around it. I came within seconds and she kept rubbing until all the cum was out. A great experience for a young guy!

  • That how me and my aunt started having sex slim blonde small tits tight pussy I'd fuck her a few times a week her husband worked away at sea 6 months at a time so needless to say she missed cock and she used me for sex a lot.
    Still can see her long legs spread her wearing high heel boots as I pound her good and hard great memories

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