Calling her bluff

So I had a buddy over this past weekend. Just playing video games and watching movies, eating pizza and drinking beer. It was around 10 pm and the wife had gone back and changed into her pajamas. She had on a silk button down top that just barely covers her ass and pussy but curves up to just below her hips on the sides.

She comes in and grabs the plates and beer bottles. She asks if we want more and we both say yes please. I say, "Wow honey. You look hot as hell. You wearing panties under that?" She says, "Nope. You know I don't wear panties to sleep in." I say, "I mean, Brad is here." She says, "If he doesn't like it, he doesn't have to look." He blurts out, "Oh I don't mind at all. You're pretty hot there mrs.s." I elbow him. He says, "What? She has a pretty nice ass." Wife says, "See. He doesn't mind."

So we were all pretty buzzed. Started talking about sex. Brad mentioned not getting any in a while. Wife says, "I do suck a mean dick. Don't I honey." I say, "Yep. You are pretty good at it." Brad says, "Doesn't do me any good knowing that!" Wife says, "Aw. Sorry honey. You could just whip yours out and I'll give you a blowjob." Brad says, "Yeah, don't tease. You're real funny." She says, "Who is kidding?" Brad looks at me and says, "So?" She says, "Don't gotta ask him. He don't like it, he can leave...or watch...or contribute."

She unbuttons her pajama shirt. Pulls it apart. Shows off her big perky tits, her navel ring and her clit ring showing through her trimmed but not shaved pussy. She unbuttons his pants and pulls them off. Spreads his legs. Gets on her knees and starts sucking his cock.

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  • Lol that never happened. Recategorize this as fantasy

  • Yes, while you're crowing, "Cuck a doodle-doo ! " she's crowing, "Any cock'll do ! " LOL !

  • Kinda hot. You need to tell us more of what happened and what continues to happen. Because I know she’s doing more now. You don’t just suck a duck like that.

  • Yeah, not so much a bluff as it is she wants to fuck your friends and doesn't mind saying so.

  • Pretty sure you didn't call her bluff. Nope... she just wanted to fuck him and did.

  • Well I hope your so happy you have a slut for a wife, pretty soon it will be difficult parking in your street.

  • It’s not calling her bluff if she outright sluts it up. More like you watched what your wife said would happen. Good job, cuck.

  • Yeh bluffing is great. I would love to see the looks on my relatives faces right if I called their bluff and if I won a first prize in tats lotto or of the like, like if I married into real money and love in one! and if all they had seen all these years is my messy house then out of the blue they come and see it looking immaculately new and glorious or we had moved or both. i mean that would be priceless to the looks on their faces.

  • Yea......right that’s gonna show them

  • Did your wife give any indication that she was into doing that before? I've caught my wife flirting with a couple of my guy friends (mostly sex talk) but she's pretty subtle about it.

  • She flirts often but never actually did anything about it.

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