Husband opinions please

Why do men feel the need to masturbate when their wives are more than willing to fuck? My husband prefers to beat one off in front of porn than just come fuck me? He knows I always am eager for it, but he wants sex every Monday only. I think it's pure laziness so he doesn't have to go through all the foreplay etc??? I would more than happily fuck where ever when ever And When we finally have sex it's phenomenal. But why have sneaky tugs through the week. I'M RIGHT HERE. I see alot of my pals cheating because of this and I'm being tempted Even though I shouldn't have to!!!

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  • If I had a dollar for every time I came home from the store or work and saw my husband with his pants around his ankles stroking one out, I'd be a millionaire. Even if sex with you is great, he still likes variety. He likes pussy a lot, and not just yours.

  • I could never jerk off if I could have the real thing. I would like to fuck every day. If she wasn't in the mood I would tell her to lie on her stomach and spread her ass and I would jerk off looking at her asshole.

  • You should do the same or get a real man to fuck you when you want it. My husband does the same thing. All he wants to do is Jack off so I let him. As soon as he leaves for work I go out hunting for a man to give me what I need. Nothing better than getting fucked whenever I want it. Jack off to that hubby!!

  • Oh god he's a freak!

  • HEY OP..... Today is Tuesday - Did you or didn't you? Is Captain Lame Ass getting his weekly service on his terms? STAY STRONG!

  • OP Update. So i took some advice off you, I dressed up really sexy last Night, (friday) after a day of little touches and kisses which he seemed to really like and I could tell he was worked up. Anyway, walked in and he said i looked fucking hot. Crawled across the bed, went to undo his fly and he started saying not tonight love. I ignored him and kept kissing his dick through his jeans, he was hard then he leaped up and said "Monday" I said tonight. He hot really funny and walked out. I followed him yelling that why Monday and why not now. He said cos it's best on a Monday -I spent the night on the sofa.

  • OMG.... REALLY???? We have a back n forth thread below but I had to comment here...... WHAT IS UP WITHT HIS GUY? Hope this works out for you at some point. Well Its Monday sweetheart and I hope you deny him and make him suffer for this........ don't give in, just masturbate right there in bed and tell him this is how you'll spend Mondays from now on, he can watch but cant touch you on Monday. What a prick.

  • Fucking hell he's not right in the head

  • I was told again- we'll try Monday. Fucks sake!!!!

  • What a fucking ballsack

  • I'm so sorry he's a douche

  • It sounds like he's bored. Not uncommon in a marriage. Find out what he's looking at online and tease him a little. My husband is into women's feet, which I have no idea what the attraction there is. However, when I caught him looking at it, I came right out and asked him what's the turn on?
    He said he's always been into women's feet and always wanted foot sex but was embarrassed to ask. Now he worships my feet and it broke our dull married sex life.

  • Hes making it boring for himself. By only doing it on a Monday

  • I've read all the comments and I think it's appalling how your husband shuns you because it's not a Monday

    Constant rejection causes psychological issues.

    Deny him sex every Monday.

  • It's all in the mind. I have not had an orgasm for years. My wife totally controls sex. We kiss and touch but no orgasm for me for moral and religious reasons.

  • Jesus, dude. you got suckered into a bunch of bullshit.

  • That and she's getting the choir off while your out on a mission!

  • Men need to wank, because its your own personal treat its your own private pleasure, you understand your own dick better than anybody, as to how it should be played with, men like to bring there own sperm to see it coming out of the end of your dick, its the satisfaction of doing it for yourself, its the best toy a man ever had

  • When my wife catches me watching porn she drops to her knees and blows me. Try doing that!

  • Yeah again op stated he refuses that. Read the comments People!

  • OP needs some cock more than the planned monday event. how freaking boring is this guy? I'd cut my mans dick off for being so routine and uneventful. She is in need and should get what she needs just like he does, when he needs it, on monday. It aint poker night dumbass, do her more!

  • Thank You. Honestly planned sex is such a turn off. He's just texted me saying he's looking forward to Monday. Why? Why not tonight?

  • Text back and tell him you look forward to tonight!

  • I texted back saying, who knows maybe tonight with a winky face and he texted back saying Monday it will be worth the wait.

    Seriously? Beyond pissed.

  • God..... if you're in south florida come on over and my wife and I will treat you right, daily.

  • Nah hon he's just plain odd.

  • AGREE...... complete oddity.

  • Time to download the song "its five o'clock somewhere" and dub it to "Monday somewhere" honey because he's done! What a moron.

  • Well next time you catch him,invite him to finish over you.If he likes the idea,strip your clothes off,lay on your back and rub your pussy while he whacks off over you.Get yourself worked up and moan a little.If you're on a bed and its the right height you could even suck his balls while he beats off.Let him shoot his load wherever he wants,over your face or in your mouth is the most adventurous.
    Do this as much as possible and if he doesn't eventually turn you around and spread your legs,enter you and ravage your pussy then there's something wrong with him.

  • Your husband is plain weird!!!! Whatever happened to spontaneity? Rejection sucks, I used to feel so worthless begging for sex with my ex. Shattered my self esteem and then I met my now husband who treats me like a goddess. Soz hunny X

  • Sounds like my situation in reverse! Wife won’t do it at all, I’m ready all the time!

  • Same!

  • Same

  • Ultimate quickie....... only one gets off, no for play, just get it done and go to work! I go at it almost daily, it's the morning routine. Wife would be annoyed if I was at her daily. Tell him you want more. Or if you're aware he's doing it just roll over and finish him off.

  • If I "catch" him doing it in bed, I reach my hand over to touch him, he days i was just scrstching, or he sits up and says he gotta get up and starts dressing. If I walk in and he's doing it downstairs, he quickly pulls his hand away, I walk towards him and gets in my knees and reach into his trousers and he says, not now. When you've been rejected as much as I have over the years, it's a hard pill to swallow. How long do I keep trying? It's so demeaning having to wait until Monday, when in reality we have really good sex, but his penis is Maybe 3 - 3 and a half inches. So why wouldn't he want me to worship it?

  • This is clear -- what's happening now [or isn't] is devastating to your psychological health. If it isn't resolved, your present hurt and disillusionment will metastasize into resentment, anger and disgust. At that point, you'll have no respect for him. His couch-potato existence is pushing you in that direction already even without the deprivation of intimacy. At some point, you'll need it to heal yourself of these wounds and restore your self-worth and self-respect.

    Have you considered that maybe he WANTS or EXPECTS you to take a lover? He certainly acts like it. Consider printing this and asking him if that's what this is about. Watch his reaction carefully. Report back to us here.

  • Yeah, not good..... I wish my wife was like you LOL! I do it all the time next to her hoping shed jump in and she's never up for sex so I get your frustration. Rejection is the worst and I too only get it when SHE is in the mood.... Oh yeah, I better guess she's in the mood too cause she won't make it happen and doesn't put out any signs of interest, then gets bitchy 3 days later and tells me she wanted sex the other night LOL! Maybe tell him you need / want more, let him know how you feel. If he doesn't step it up then F IT, go out and get some on the side, he's had plenty of warning. God knows that I'm at a point that I wouldn't say no if given an opportunity with another woman, I am not looking for it, but if she falls in my lap I'm going to pull my dick out for her to grind on.

  • Ahh I feel for you. It's hard. And the constant rejection is the worse. It's really depressing me, does nothing for confidence. How on earth can you guess if she wants sex, when she doesn't give you signs?

  • Apparently some women have some type of invisible, mystical banner they carry around when in the mood, and men are supposed to see them with the sex-vision-sense-somatic part of the eye of course.

    Honestly, I'm pretty much over it and don't crave sex so much now that its been so long. Masturbate and get on with the day seems to work, at least for now. But who knows what would happen if actually given a shot elsewhere.

  • How often do you have sex? I'm wondering should I start masturbating and then reject him on Monday LOL

  • Its been well over 4 months, i think, kinda stopped keeping track. Don't tell me you don't give it a tickle on your own? That is a shame to deny your puss like that, go get a nice toy and master using it. Then on Monday when he wants "sex", agree and then break out your toy snd show him how much you don't need his cock..... roll over and go to sleep LOL. Thats pretty much what you deal with.

  • 2x per year for me. We can't even talk about it anymore without getting uncomfortable. I wanted to go to a sex/marriage counselor. we did. once. SO needs meds with a side effect, takes your drive. I understand and support but fuck, I'm horny all the time 24/7.

    I masturbate nearly every day and my stimulus has gone varied and off mainstream. porn and masturbation have become somewhat of a habit, actually.

    What the reply above suggests is exactly what I feel like doing all the time. I leave my dildos where they can be seen now, leave porn on my phone and computer, mention that I'm going to masturbate, sometimes, I don't care to hide it anymore because after all, it is my sex life.

    I recently rediscovered weed. At night I sometimes free myself and get busy by myself, I really want to go to the bed with one of my LARGE dildos and put on a show. Then say Thank You and drift off to sleep.

    cheating is the last thing is would do, I'm just like that I guess. not saying I wouldn't but it would be the last thing

  • Hey there.... this is commenter from above, looks like we are in the same boat. Weed, porn and self pleasure! LOL! I do it right next to her while she sleeps just waiting for her to "catch" me and maybe join in but she sleeps right through it. SO LAME!

    Go get a suction dildo and stick it to the wall, bang it loudly while he's sleeps, leave it stuck to the wall wet with your scent and go to work or the gym or whatever...... have fun fucking with Mr. twice a year. WTF is it with these guys? If my wife had a sex drive I'd be all over her but she's dry as a bone!

    And if meds leave him limp or low libido then a little visual stimulation (lingerie, strip tease, play with yourself while he watches - so f/n hot IMO, whatever) should get his brain going enough to get his tongue involved. Never heard any warnings of "Limp, dry tongue" being a side effect of any RX!

  • Same boat, yes. thank goodness for masturbation and extra dirty porn. I'm like a sex freak deviant with myself now. can't stop, won't stop. Dirty Dirty Dirty. It's just what I need to do

  • I just never do it, as I hold out hope he'll actually just take me! Fat chance! Well I've decided to snub him on Monday. I need a petty excuse though.
    Wow 4 months. What's your wife's excuse?

  • She doesn't need an excuse as i stopped trying, I actually told her long ago that our sex life is now completely in her hands so she can come get it whenever she is in the mood, she's just obviously never in the mood. Just tell him you're not in the mood, you were last Friday but he wasn't so you took care of it yourself. That or your doing your hair and nails on Monday since its a slow TV night LOL! Good luck to you, you seem great and he is an idiot for not banging you as often as you'd like. Time for me to go rub one out and move on with my day as usual :)

  • Thank you, I appreciate it. I'll let you know how Monday goes lol!

  • Stay strong...... do your hair and nails tonight followed by a quick tickle on yourself while he waits for you to "serve" him, and off to bed! Tell him football season is about to start so Monday should be more exciting soon!

    and for added fun, flick some of your wetness off your finger onto his upper lip while he's sleeping so he can dream of your puss all night! Keep us posted :)

  • So I watched porn most of the day and masturbated a few times. Then I realised by the time I was satisfied I no longer wanted sex. So I'm guessing that when my husband is doing this daily, of course he's not gonna come again. Fast forward to the evening, husband was talking about how he couldn't wait for tonight. I went in the bath for an hour with a book, I had 3 texts all hurrying me along. Put comfy pjs on, -no lingerie as i usually would and i returned downstairs and made tea instead of my usual red wine. I said "not tonight love I'm tired" he kept trying to convince me but I stood my ground in a nice way. He said "ok we'll try next Monday then" I could tell he was disappointed and It honestly felt good to crush him like he does me, constantly.

  • GREAT JOB! Proud of ya :)

    Give him a few days (Thursday?) and slip that sexy ensemble on and tell him you're in the mood to be his dirty little girl for the evening, if he passes on the chance go grab a toy and send him a video of you using it, let him know it could be him instead. If he still passes then he has issues missy and you should consider your options. And do it all over next week, retrain that guy!

    Oh, feel free to send me the video of you using the toy too if you really want to be dirty ;) I'll let you know how hot you are while sliding it in and out of you without being such a lame ass!

  • Ha thank you!

  • HAPPY MONDAY....... I saw your post above. Deny Deny Deny Deny that lame fuck of yours. What a complete dick wad! Stay strong again this week! We are rooting for you out here!

  • You might consider, after you play out your resentment for a bit and get some revenge, that you could say, 'you wanna fuck Monday?, I need to fuck Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday as well. You can jerk off Sunday if you need to, I need sex more often.' But I can see how this might be fun.

  • Sorry for the spelling errors I'm rushing.

  • What? Russians can't spell?

  • To all the men who say, you're ugly, you're fat, do you shower, do you dress good -
    So to be a woman we have to be showered, have make up on, have well groomed hair, dress sexy- but not too sexy because that's not smart, should be available at all times and suck and swallow, we're not to expect phenomenal sex as that's too tiring, but ladies need to be creative and do more stuff, like riding a dick up their ass to please you, and don't expect attention unless he's willing to give.
    Yet, he comes home from work, we're expected to put a sweaty dick in our mouth, then you get to laze in your 3 day old unwashed grey trackies. You expect us to swallow your sperm when the majority of you don't know how to get a clit to orgasm. You think it's a button you can jab. Then you get to show us no affection until you want to get your dick wet again.

    Yeah.... I understand.
    I understand why women go elsewhere.

    It doesn't matter if my hair is in a messy bun and my last shower was the night before, with pjs on -I still deserve a kiss on the cheek and an I love you.

  • Maybe I'm just the lucky dude here, but my wife gets that from me and I get fucked all the time. It's like the world's best aphrodisiac just being a good husband. That being said, I still jack off once in awhile.

  • Sounds perfect, I replied above

  • Too true! See this is what I'm talking bout

  • Amen 🙌

  • This is spot on!

  • I shower my wife with love and attention. Women deserve it, that's how I was raised?

    Guys stop being
    jerks this is why women think the majority of men suck . - it's because of asseholes like you.

    Sounds to me that your husband is a lazy lover

  • I'm a dude an I agree with dis 110 per cent!

  • Love how the men always blame the women and twist things. I have a high sex drive, I do oral/swallowing, anal, bondage, cnc, toys basically anything. Ill fuck any time of the day.MY HUSBAND KNOWS THIS. I'm clean, I don't drink I don't smoke, I look and dress good. My husband wants sex every Monday as television is more important to him. But he'll masturbate daily. Hes not cheating, he doesn't even go out. Hes a couch potato. I'm not the problem. He is.

  • Lol, defensive much. Maybe he's just not that into you. How could that possibly be because you're such a catch and into everything ! Duh ! Until you take a real better look at yourself, you're always going to be blaming everyone else.

  • If that's the case he wouldn't want sex at all. But OP states that he wants her every Monday and when they do it it's brilliant. You can clearly see that this is all the husbands doing with the obsession with a Monday. Maybe you need to read comments before trolling.

  • Ill marry you!

  • I'm a male in a similar situation (though I'm once per week of sex and nearly daily masturbation). You are partially correct, it is laziness in a sense. Phenomenal sex takes a lot of energy and creativity, especially from a man, so a certain amount of motivation is required. Men are simple, women are not. In general, female sexual needs take a lot more effort to fulfill. Perhaps he doesn't want to just bang you and be done. Perhaps he can't fathom giving you blasé sex. It could be that his ego wants to always give you mind blowing sex every time and doing it more often may just water it all down. Perhaps, instead of trying to figure out what is wrong with him ask yourself what you can do. If you added some spice; some creativity; some new ways of approaching sex then maybe he'd be more willing to shag more often.

  • I masturbate because my wife doesn't want sex. She used to enjoy it but now, nothing. I masturbate a lot because I'm very horny and frustrated but I don't think I would cheat.

    Now, when we were having sex I would masturbate as well. there is something so satisfying about getting yourself off, maybe because my wife is tame and not terribly enthusiastic about sex. She's childlike about sex almost and that's frustrating. When we met and dated she wasn't like that.

    Now it's as if I don't have a clue how to get her interested or turned on and I just take care of myself. It was going that way anyway as she really wasn't into anything kinky or experimental at all. missionary, no talking about sex, Never taking charge of her needs, etc....

    yeah I know. I married her.

    I'm thinking about sucking dicks now

  • It's fucking hard isn't it

  • Sure is. I've always been there for her, support, affection, still am. I just really want sex and I don't want to be a shitty person.

  • I totally get you.

  • Not to mention that I work myself ragged. a little bit of fun and love is what restores us. It's why people stay together. without it it's just occupying the same space. She texted me and asked me what I was up to. I said masturbating and sent a kinky gif, not too hardcore, just playful. She asked me not to send her porn on her phone. no mention of sex whatsoever, no playful interest or clever/funny comment. Not that expected she should be turned on, just a little fun to be had. Wrong, no fun at all. I also tried to put my arm around her on a walk and she literally cringed away and made a disgusted face. Fuck Me.

  • Sounds like my wife.... i hate her now LOL! Never any fun, boring old hag.

  • I never play with my cock that’s what I use my wife for it’s now her cock so it’s her job suck or fuck hotter if you do both

  • WHAT?

  • He probably only comes to you for sex when he has the time and energy to give you all the foreplay and attention he feels you deserve. But sometimes a guy just needs to get off, and he doesn't want to put in all the extra effort to make sure you're pleased. A quick tug is guilt free release for most men, a quick shag can lead to guilt for not lasting longer.

    If you want your man to involve you in the other times of the week he's coming, you need to make yourself available to use without guilt - which means that you need to make it abundantly clear to him that he can grab you any time of day and stick it in whatever hole he likes and just use you to get off without feeling guilty for it.

  • I do this. I've even woke him up dressed liked a whore and sucking his cock. He'll pull away and say he's starving for breakfast and that we will on Monday.

  • God I wish my wife would do that! I'd have her for breakfast. He's an idiot!

  • Hmm, there's something going on with him then. I'll masturbate from time to time when I don't really have the energy for sex, but when my wife starts blowing me out of the blue, it gets me in the mood anyways. I have to wonder if maybe he has something psychological going on that's causing him to need to control what day of the week the sex is on, or maybe he has some kind of embarrassing fantasy or something else about his sexuality that you don't know. What do you know about his sexual history, especially the first few girls he had sex with?

  • He said before he's slept with 9 women, then it went to 3.

    I don't know why a Monday, it never used to be, it used to be anytime, any day. He's quite normal day to day, we laugh etc but sex is a Monday, and if something distrups that, like a friend calling over in the evening, or he doesn't feel like it, it'll roll over till the next Monday. Oh my God putting this all in writing embarrases me.

  • I've never met or seen pictures of any other women, but then we are from different town's. He dosent speak about his exes. Hell, I don't even know what his longest relationship is. He does tell me his fantasies and we act them out.

  • Well I would ask him more about his history. There might be some ideas there, and if not, at least it's a chance to know him better. Do you know what kind of porn he's looking at when he masturbates? That could be a big eye opener. Otherwise, it sounds like it could be related to aging as well. He could be spacing sex out to hide the fact that he can't perform like he used to (easier to get a rock hard erection when you're on a week with no sex) and masturbating in between so he can last longer for it (masturbating can be done even if you can't get totally hard.) There are a lot of possibilities here. But the important thing to remember, is this isn't embarrassing, especially not for you. He's changing and your relationship is changing, it doesn't mean there is anything wrong with you. You just have to figure out what the problem is so you can help him through it. Or at least if you figure out that he can't be helped, you can discuss ways for you to be satisfied, because life is too short to waste it being frustrated.

  • We are in our early 30s so i can't see it being age related. The porn he watches his purely wives who cheat in front of husbands. No, I've never cheated and I do not share this fantasy. Planned sex is very mechanical for me, I can't just automatically be turned on on a Monday. Basically every thing in our life is great, except this one thing.

  • I'm similar to you in that way - can't get excited about sex if it's put on a schedule. You're right that he probably isn't experiencing physical problems, although I wouldn't totally rule it out. Like pattern baldness, different men experience it at different rates and times of life, and if he's early onset, it could be a driving force behind his fantasies. But, they could also just be the result of him leaving his 20s behind, understanding himself, and being able to admit what he really wants. Lots of guys are filled with bravado in their younger years and leave it behind as they get older and start coming to terms with who they really are. Has he ever mentioned wanting to see you with another guy, or wanting to have sex in front of others? I mean, there are two ways you can take the fact that hes into that kind of porn - either he wants to be the guy masturbating while his wife has sex with someone else, or he wants to be the guy having sex while the other husband masturbates. I mean, I guess he could want to be the wife, but that's fairly rare compared to the other two outcomes. From the sound of it, it sure does seem like he's pushing in the direction of being the cuckold - all the masturbating and almost intentionally being sexually boring. Would you even be OK with going in that direction if that's what he wanted?

  • He's mentioned in the past just before he's climaxed that seeing another man pound me would be a turn on, I didn't say anything because (I didn't know how to take it, it's not my thing to share) he come then it wasn't mentioned again.

  • If I were you, I would bring it up and see if it's something he would be interested in doing for real, or whether it's something he just wants to keep as a fantasy. Maybe both of you could get what you're after, and not need to break up or live a life devoid of sex. Lots of people are afraid to be the one to talk first, so maybe if you start, it will embolden him to be honest.

  • So Invite another man to come pound you in front of him on THURSDAY so he can watch it live and jerk off to it.

  • Saturday morning is my masturbation day, I Anken while my wife plays with my dick and nuts that hang out between my thighs she also squeezes my nipples and tickles my tummy after I have a nice cum we turn around and she masturbates by the same leg pressure method while I finger her bum and play with her tits, so good

  • How often do you shower and dress like a freaky slut then just do your thing around the house. Flash him tease him.

  • Tried every thing he'll just say we will on Monday.

  • My husband masturbates daily. He's always horny and I don't mind if he gets off to vids of other women, as long as he takes care of me too, which he does. You need to sit down and have a chat with your husband. I think his issue is less about masturbation and more about being a control freak. When you want to fuck, he needs to listen to you and give it to you on occasion, otherwise you are not equal partners in your marriage.

  • You mention it could be just "pure laziness" implying there could be a mismatch between you of what you find acceptable. If you're more demanding of attention than he is, he could find it easier just to get off on his own, without any arguments or judgements from you. The simple fact of the matter is, if your husband is going elsewhere to get his fun, then most of the time you aren't his idea of fun. You could blame him for this. Being lazy. How dare he not want you. But maybe it's something you're doing. Rather than just straight up demand or blame him for something, try asking him what he likes ?

  • Have you tried to initiate sex? Is he just totally insecure about it?

  • I'm totally ok with my hubby masturbating as much as he wants.He's normally a "in the shower" type of guy.It just means he lasts alot longer when we fuck.

  • Yes but that is nothing to do with the Ops predicament. Husband wants sex once every 3 weeks but will freely masturbate.

  • Maybe you're just fuck ugly

  • So she'a a crap fuck, it does happen

  • Sorry Every Monday

  • Why don't you ask him?

  • Oh i have. He denies doing it.

  • He denies it? Okay that is weird. Maybe tell him you want to watch?

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