Know what I need?

So im sitting at dinner with the wife. Kids are grown and out of the house. Wife says, "Know what I need?" I say, "What is that?" I'm expecting her to tell me something expensive that she doesn't need. I say, "Need? Or want?" She says, "Need. Definitely need." I say, "What?" She says, "A good pounding."

I'm thinking nice I'm gonna get laid! I say, "So, finish dinner, watch a movie, take a shower then we get freaky?" She says, "I mean we can but that's not what I meant." So I say, "Then what did you mean?" She says, "A long, hard, thick cock inside me. Just bend me over the side of the couch and pound my ass." I say, "Your ass?" She says, "Well, my pussy preferably but maybe my ass." I ask playfully, "Am I long and thick enough?" She says, "Thick enough? Yeah. Long enough? No." I say, "Need a new toy?" She says, "I have dildos that big. I want the real thing."

I say, "You want to cheat on me?" She says, "Cheating means some sort of romantic relationship. I just want sex. Like the girls talk like this guy at work packs a nice cock. I'd just have him come over, bend me over, make me cum, him cum then he can go. Not really cheating."

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  • Let her be his cum dump for a few nights, tell her the only rule is she cannot say no to anything he tries and that you get to have sex with another as well. It’ll really spark the sex you both have together. Ever since I let my wife start having sex with other guys she cares more about her looks, her weight, her pubic hair, her nails and hair and make up, she dresses much sexier and she’s learned a lot sexually and will do anything sexual with me. She’s hotter now at 38 than she was at 28 because she’s looking to get naked with other men, younger good looking men and she is competing with other women. When she was monogamous she was pudgey, no make up, ails weren’t done, hair was plain, clothes were boring, sex was lame. Now, she’s a sexy slut and I am having a lot of fun, but I have to share her. She freely says “I’m a slut” “I’m a whore” “I’m a cum slut” “I’m a butt slut” “I want to suck his cock” “I Want to get some cock tonight”. She does it all sexually. I’ve allowed her to go out on Wednesday and Friday nights only, after 9 pm. She dates men casually, goes through them quickly, usually lasts about a month before moving on to another guy, seldom dates two at a time but it does happen, usually just overlap. She does get heartbroken sometimes, but she always has me, so she rebounds quick. I’ve had sex with girls she introduces me to, and I date casually, but not as much as her. Best thing is, on Wednesday and Friday nights when she gets home from a date, we have sex and she tells me everything she did with her date. Sloppy seconds feels great, she’s happy and I’m happy.

  • I have a fantasy my wife would cuckold me and get me to help service her studs

  • Shortly after our last child moved out I started sleeping with other men. I told my husband that I had been a good and faithful wife but now it is my turn to have fun. I explained to him that I had always fantasized about sex with a big black man. To my surprise he was very turrned on and was all for it. So at 45 years old I had my first black cock. It was amazing. He was huge and could go all night long. Since then my husband is a full time Cuckold and I have had sex with dozens of different black guys. I am completely addicted to black cock and my husband is addicted to me doing this too. He helps me place ads on dating sites and is always hard when I get home from being with a lover.

  • It’s not cheating if you watch

  • Kids are grown? Are you in your 50's?

  • I’d have to question how she knows his cock size so well. Let it happen before she does it behind your back.
    Most females wait for the perfect opportunity then unleash it all out with or without you.

  • Let her fuck him only if you get to fuck a hot young 20 something lady.

  • Told her she could fuck him if I get to watch

  • My wife brought this up about the same way except it was breakfast. She asked me if I had ever seen a guy with huge cock, then she clarified and said like at the gym in the locker room or sauna. I told her that I never really look at other men's cocks even if they are changing near me. She looked some up on the web and found this really large one and told me she wanted something like this to just fill her and make her moan out. We had toys that were large but she too wanted the real thing. I was not sure how to approach this situation without expressing fear that she wanted a divorce but then she did it for me by telling me that if I gave her this one fantasy she would give me mine but she also wanted me there for it watching her get pounded.
    She placed a personal ad describing what she wanted and received dozens of responses and finally chose a few to have lunch with for an initial meeting. The guy she chose was in pretty good shape physically and about six two, according to the description of his cock and photo of it along side a 20 oz water bottle she was impressed a lot. I was trying to figure out how he photoshopped it. Long story short she invited him over and his cock was truly huge, not just huge but really huge, long and the head on it looked like a baseball. After much foreplay and some lube he was pushing against her while she gasped and moaned out in ecstasy, half an hour later and practically in tears from several orgasms he pulled out and came all over her torso and breasts. What a shower that was, sperm all over her and her hands barely fit around it.
    She thanked him over and over then afterwards kept telling me that the experience was unbelievable while she sucked on my six inches. She told me there would have been no way she could have done both of us like she planned, her brain was to scattered once his cock went into her.

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