Hot AF weekend

So I work Monday thru Thursdays. 10 hour shifts and work at night. So my wife Cassie wanted to go out, get some dinner and do some drinking Friday night. She asked if she could invite another couple. Mutual friends of ours.

So we go out to a bar in town. Good food, live music. We are there a couple hours. It seems like we are done. Cassie says, "Ashame the night has to be over. It's still young." Mandi says, "I mean, we are still good to go. What else is there to do?" Cassie says, "We could go back to our house. Do some more drinking, play cards, put on some movies." Mandi says, "Sounds good to me. What do you think honey?" Her husband Jerry said, "Yeah I'm good with it."

So we go back to our house. Cassie makes nachos. Beer for the guys. Wine for the girls. We're playing spades, having a good time. There is movie playing but just for some background noise. Around midnight, Mandi says, "I don't know how much more I can. I'm falling asleep." Cassie said, "Go crash in the spare bedroom. Down the hall on the right." Mandi said, "You sure?" Cassie said, "Nobody is going anywhere tonight. We've all had too much to drink. Go to sleep."

Mandi goes and crashes in the bedroom. Can't really play spades. The three of us start to concentrate on what was on TV. Was the walking dead. I'm in a chair. Cassie is on one side of the couch and Jerry is on the other. Cassie said, "I'm gonna change." She leaves and comes back wearing one of my old button down shirts. No bra and no panties. Jerry said, "Not sure what I'm gonna sleep in. I didn't bring anything." I said, "Just do boxers and a t-shirt." Jerry said, "Went commando tonight and no Tshirt underneath." I said, "I got you covered. Be right back."

I went to the bedroom and grabbed a clean pair of my boxers and a t-shirt. I walked back in and tossed them to him. He stands up and starts undressing. Wasn't sure what he was doing till he started taking off his jeans. I said, "Woah dude. You could have went into the bathroom." Cassie said, "No no. Let him finish. He's kinda hot!" I said, "Honey! What the fuck?" She said, "What? It's not like I asked him to get naked. Besides, he's pretty hot. Nice looking dick too." I said, "Jeez. You were looking?" She said, "He is naked right in front of me and has like a 10 inch dick. You're damn right I'm looking!"

Jerry had the boxers on at this point. He said, "Not 10 inches. More like 8ish but thanks though. Mike not have that much?" She said, "Fuck no. He's like 5 inches hard." Jerry said, "Really? 5 inches dude?" I said, "Never heard her complain before."

Cassie said, "Well, now I'm all horny. Honey you wanna let me come sit on you?" I said, "You're horny because of Jerry's dick. I'll pass."

The couch doesn't face the TV. TV is on one wall and the couch is on the neighboring wall. Cassie was sitting in the corner of couch. She shifted her position from sitting with her knees together and feet tucked into the couch to sitting with her feet together but her knees at a 90 degree angle. I couldn't see it directly but her pussy was clearly visible.

She shaves her lip area but keeps a good bit above. Trimmed with a guard. Jet black pubes so even trimmed it's still visible. She also has her clit hood pierced. Has had it for years. Jerry happens to look over. Spins his head immediately back. Then looks again. She starts to play with her pussy a bit. Jerry starts to pitch a tent. Cassie said, "It's ok. You can look." Jerry said, "Do what?" She said, "I saw you look. It's ok. I'm doing it on purpose." He says quieter, "Your husband is right there." She said in a normal voice, "Fuck him. He won't fuck me. You wanna look at my pussy, look at it. Your friend seems to like it."

He looks. She's fingering her pussy. Nothing serious. Just teasing him. Then she just says, "I'm chilly. I'm gonna go get a blanket." She gets a blanket and sits back down right next to him. Puts the blanket over them both. She puts her legs in the same 90 degree angle deal. Her hands disappear into the blanket. She reaches over and starts stroking his cock. He doesn't even seem to care that I'm in the room. I'm half out of it and half watching TV. Living room is pitch black. Only the TV is lighting the room.

Then her head goes under the covers. She's now sucking his dick. After a few minutes he says, "Take that shirt off." She flings off the cover and unbuttons the shirt. She goes back to sucking his dick. He has his hand on her ass while she's blowing him.

It may be the alcohol. May be how brazen she was about just doing it. Probably both. It was fucking hot as hell. Then she stops and gets up on him cowgirl style. They start fucking. I pull out my dick and start stroking. She is riding him like a champ. Several minutes in and she says, "Fuck me from behind baby." She gets in a Doggystyle position with her forearms on the arm of the couch. He gets on his knees and starts fucking her doggy. She is looking me in the eyes while she's getting fucked by him. I'm in the chair with my dick out jacking off to the sight of my wife getting pounded by Jerry.

She's moaning and saying, "Oh God. Oh yes. (then how much she likes it dawns on her) OH GOD. Harder. Fuck me harder. Oh yeah. Just like that. Oh my God." He says, "You like that?" She looks me right in the eye and says, "I love it. God damn your dick feels good. She's fingering her clit while Jerry just destroys her pussy. She cums hard. Her whole body is shaking.

He flips her over and fucks her missionary. Hes close to cumming. He says, "I'm gonna cum." She says, "Cum all over me." He thrusts for another minute or so then pulls his cock out. His cum shoots all the way to her face. She has her mouth open and tongue out ready to taste his load. Some hits her mouth. A bunch goes on her face. Like hits her in the eye, her cheek, her chin. The rest goes between her tits, her stomach and the rest on her bush.

He flops back on the opposite side of the couch. She's laying there with her legs still spread and she's cum soaked. Cassie said, "How was that?" Jerry said, "Pretty damn good. How about you?" She said, "Outstanding. Best dicking I've ever had. Sorry honey. Jerry's dick is amazing. Well, guess I better get this cleaned up."

Before she goes to the bathroom, she walks up to me. She says, "Give it a lick." I said, "What?" She said, "What sex tastes like. I know you liked the show." I went to lean forward and she pulled her leg up on the arm of the chair and pushed my face into her pussy. I gave her pussy a damn good licking. The combination of her wet pussy juice and his cum tasted pretty good.

She left for the bathroom. Jerry said, "Dude. I'm sorry. I couldn't help it." I said, "Dude. It's cool. Lots of alcohol and Cassie is pretty convincing. Once she gets that pussy locked on its game over." He said, "So you're cool with it?" I said, "Hell yeah. I've never seen her cum so many times or be that assertive."

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