Kissing cousins

My husband and I are on our summer vacation and doing some traveling with the kids. We were passing though the town where my cousin Matt lives, and he and his wife offered us a place to stay for a couple of nights, before we continued our trip. I hadn't seen Matt since we were teens. He's 36 now and I'm 34.

On the second day we were there my kids wanted to go to a local water park, but I was pretty beat from the travel that we'd been doing (4 states in 7 days with numerous stops). My husband offered to take the kids there while I hung back and relaxed. Matt was there, as he took the day off, and his wife was at work.

Matt and I had a good time catching up. We hung out on his deck, got some sun, had a few drinks. We talked about growing up around each other and I mentioned that I had the biggest crush on him when we were teenagers. To my surprise he said he had a crush on me too. We laughed about it and not too long after we changed the subject.

I was sweaty and had lotion all over me from being in the sun, so I told Matt that I was going to take a quick shower and change before the rest of my family came back for dinner. When I was close to done, water still running, I looked out the shower door and realized that I forgot to bring in a towel. I yelled out to Matt and asked if he could bring one in. I knew that meant he was going to see me nude, but I'm 34 and don't really have hangups about being seen nude anymore. I've got the mom body these days. I'm no fashion model, but still keep fit.

He brought in the towel and said I looked gorgeous. He was so cute. He had those glazed eyes, really sweet. No one had looked at me that way in years. I gave him a thank you kiss, but he kissed back like a boyfriend. The wheels were turning. It was one of those "oh my" moments, but I asked if he wanted to jump into the shower with me. No resistance.

We kissed and felt each other up, while soaping each other up. My nipples were as hard as rocks. His dick was hard and we were kissing while I was giving him a handjob when he asked if he could put it in me. I said okay, but only for a couple of minutes, since I wasn't on the pill and was ovulating. We had a brief mini-fuck, before I made him take it out. I finished him with a handjob. He gave me oral to get me off, which didn't take long. He was so sexy.

I kind of feel bad about cheating, but not really. My cousin Matt is a wonderful person and I've had the hots for him since we were kids. It took a while, but I feel thankful for our "moment."


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  • Are you going to do it again?

  • You crossed the barrio now you need to fuel the fire.

  • Enjoy the moment. Life is too short.

  • It's not really cheating if you do not get pregnant.

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