I'll shower every morning and I'm busy all day so my knickers get sweaty. But the last afternoon my pussy smells a little whiffy like ammonia, then i have to shower again. It's not std because my husband is my only sexual partner and I was so worried about my smell, that I got all testings done. Health wise I'm good down there. So why am I whiffy?

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  • I had similarly problem. Went through all the same procautions, getting checked for std's, yeast infection, the works. All tests came back negative. But I was getting that strong urine / ammonia smell by mid to late afternoon, depending on how hot it was. Then something really simple, my OBGYN told me to change my style of panties I was wearing. Now I'd been wearing thongs since I was 14, now I'm 28. I had to switch to panties with the breathable cotton crotch. This cured my issue. Apparently everyones bidy chemistry changes as they grow older. Hope this helps you.

  • I ran into the same issue. My OBGYN told me the same thing. I quit wearing panties with shorts, jeans and long dresses. Now I only wear panties with short skirts. My problem cleared up, and I enjoy the feeling.

  • The normal flora of a vagina includes many different bacteria, which are harmless and actually necessary for a healthy vagina. They all can produce a mild odor. Occasionally they will get out of balance and the smell might change from your norm, and smell stronger than usual, without being a health concern. A short course of an oral broad spectrum antibiotic, or a topical antibiotic cream can sometimes be prescribed by a pysician to reduce any prevalent bacteria that may be causing unwanted stinch.

  • Eat sugar beets and asparagus and your hooch will smell better

  • Do you douche? If so, stop it. It's never a good thing. The vagina is quite good at self-cleaning, and you might just have a minor chemical imbalance, which is throwing everything out of whack. If you are an alcoholic, that might be a cause too, though you would be getting a similar smell out of your head mostly as well as your vagina.

  • I drink maybe 1 or 2 glasses a wine every 3-4 weeks. I don't douche but I do give a thorough wash down there with a TON of scented shower gels.

  • Change your diet and drink pineapple juice.

  • Some advice finally. Thank you I will try.

  • Op here: i can't believe I have to point out something that is already there. I've had all tests and swabs etc... it's not stds, it's not thrush, it's not bv it's not ANY type of infection ok?
    And my husband is NOT cheating. I can 100% guarantee that. So that's all ruled out.

  • You need a new doctor. This doesn't pan out right. You have really shitty health care.

  • OP here : Im a health care professional myself, I've read my notes at the GP's and I've read other results and notes done with a private clinic.

  • It sounds like bacterial vaginosis or maybe a yeast infection. If it is not one of those, you have an STD, though you think that you don't. If it is the latter, I'd guess chlamydia, which is common. All of the above makes you smell nasty. I'd go to an obgyn and get a checkup asap, rather than posting here, lol.

  • I'm sorry you can't read. It says right up there, she's been to see someone. Maybe you should learn to read asap rather than posting here, LOL

  • Umm.... if you open your eyes and read the whole thing, you'll see that she's been for all testing. You utter moron. "Lol" 🖕

  • For sure your husband is dipping the wick in a bum before fucking you, now it could be your's or one of his boyfriends.

  • Almost certain you will find your husband has been dipping his dick in an arse hole, not properly cleaning himself before fucking you, I can assure you that is what is creating it.

  • Take a bath once in a while instead of a shower, give yourself a nice soak.

  • I do have a soak around 4 times a week. The doctor says I may be over cleaning myself?

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