Being a tall guy can be a problem

I am six foot eight tall and in fairly good shape, not like I was in college by no means but at thirty I am still fit. I have found that most women while they talk about wanting a tall guy I get the "Wow you are REALLY tall" reaction with no second date. I also have an above average size penis which for some women in my past was not a problem at all but we just did not click relationship wise but based on their reaction to it I have never really tried to date smaller petite women.
She replied to my profile and when I read hers she was only five foot two and her picture looked like she was part Asian, I thought to myself at that moment that I would not go out with her just because I figured when we met she would be sitting there thinking she made a mistake.
We dated for about two months and had a few really great evenings of fun when she asked if I wanted to come over for the night. I was really up for it and even if we did not have intercourse was ready to pleasure her all night. We had some great foreplay which led to the bedroom where she took over and had me stripped in no time. When she pulled down my boxers and saw my cock she let out a long breath and told me I had a beautiful cock, she grabbed it and began running her fingers over it and just like that she was sucking on it. She sounded like she was devouring a dessert with little moans of pleasure as it was getting larger and wider. She paused again and told me wow, this thing is impressive and I was beginning to think she was going to start telling me all the reasons we cannot have sex. She took off her clothes quickly and got on top of me but I wanted to lick her badly so while she was getting back in bed I grabbed her hips and she twisted around and positioned herself on my face. She was already wet as could be and kept her hands busy playing with my cock, she only lasted about five minutes then told me she had to get me inside her. She got up and turned around then started lowering herself down on me, the look on her face was saying it all, mouth wide open, torso quivering and I knew that after about three inches she was going to back herself off and try again but to my amazement she just kept working at it going down. She finally fit me entirely inside her and began a slow rocking motion unable to speak, she began lifting herself up and down a few inches and bucking like she was really enjoying the hell out of it. She began to orgasm a few minutes later and had her fingers rubbing her clit hard, she collapsed down onto my chest with my cock still deep in her and just sort of slowly moved her hips around. I thrusted into her a few times and she let out a few Oh My God's followed by how great my cock was, she sat back up and began riding it again with quite a bit of energy. I am just over ten inches long and I had no idea how she was fitting all of it into her but she was lost in ecstasy and making sounds that no woman had ever made while making love with me.
She eased herself off of me after orgasm number two and then told me that I was absolutely perfect, she slid down and began sucking on me again and did so until I came, she swallowed me down and then slid back up and told me she needed a moment to rest.

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  • I masturbated to this. nope just joking. i masturbated before i read this crap.

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