It's not all my fault

Yesterday we had a BBQ/ party to celebrate the first day of the year over 80 degrees. Everyone ate and drank too much of course. I noticed while sitting cross legged my husband's friends were all standing in a little group and smiling and giggling. I then realized they could see my panties because my mini skirt was just a little hiked up in the front. I couldn't hear what they were saying but by judging their hand and arm jesters to one another they were talking about sex with me. The party went on and on my husband did a great job of entertaining everyone making sure they had beer or drinks. The guys would walk away when he came near and back when he was busy. I for whatever reason became aroused by the fact they were intent on looking at me. I uncrossed my legs and was talking to one of my girlfriend's I ignored the fact they could see my panties even better and had moved closer. My husband and a couple guys went to play horse shoes around the side of the house as the women all left for the afternoon. Leaving me alone with the group staring at me. Without saying anything I went into the garage to get another drink and could feel them following me. Once inside I quickly pulled my panties down and off and kicked them under a shelf. They walked in and asked what I was doing I said it's too hot I need a drink and was going to sit in the garage to cool down. I sat in a lawn chair legs partial open and waited for their response. I was only teasing but they obviously didn't see it that way. One guy purposely dropped a lighter right in front of me and bent down to get it. Staring right up between my legs I tried not to notice. But he grabbed my knees and opened my legs. Another guy said damn that's pretty the next thing I know I'm being lifted out of the chair. The guys hands were all over me. Especially between my legs. It was incredibly hard to stand up as they fingerd me, I was over come with nervous tension as someone pushed my shoulder down and positioned himself behind me. I was being screwed. One guy ran to the window to watch for my husband as I feel to my hands and knees. One by one all the guys had sex with me. Two came inside me. I don't know what to do if I get pregnant now or if my husband finds out.

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  • If you get pregnant make your hysband thinks the baby belongs to him

  • You wanted it to happen

  • Yes I'll admit it that I wanted to have sex with them especially the Mexican who's dick was the fattest I've ever seen or had, stretched me good.

  • Enjoy yourself

  • I am a big tease to and last Saturday I got a lot more than I bargained for.
    I noticed a Black a good friend of a friend who was invited to our outdoor BBQ was watching me more and more and it kinda turned me on more and more as time went by. I am 23 and married to a wonderful man who caters to my every whim and whimper and really have no idea about cheating on him.
    I had to go pee and after relieving myself in our bathroom upon coming out I thru my soiled panties in the hamper and went into our kitchen here stood Jim (the Black) and he asked where the rest room was and I pointed down the hall and he left. I noticed my tube top was on twisted so I started in getting it on right and when I stood up there was Jim staring at me cock in hand asking for me to pull my top back down my eyes became fixed upon his cock for I never seen a Black man before and god he was huge. I froze unable to move and he came to me raised me up and gave me a kiss I will long remember. He held me tight against his body and I swear his cock went right to my unprotected pussy for he began rubbing himself on me and in no time I became wet as hell, continued to kiss me holding him self to me and rubbing his cock against my puss and he picked me up and started to carry me into the den and I told him I can't for what if someone came in and caught us and just as I said that he shoved about 6 inches into me, I started to say something but his lips got in the way and he began pushing more and more of his cock into me and in no time he was giving me a good fucking and my body betrayed me.

  • We ended up on the floor in the den and he must have fucked me for a good fifteen minutes till I felt him tense up and then he unloaded into me more cum than my husband ever has, God squirt after squirt sending me way over the edge I started in cumming on him and he continued to fuck me deep and hard as he continued to fill my pussy with his cum. Finally he collapsed upon me kissing me he told me we're gonna have to do this again I started to tell him we can't but his lips got in the way and my pussy clamped down onto his cock which was ball deep in me and he said I gotta have a lot more of your tight pussy wrapped upon me and kissed me again and again as he slowly started to fuck me again. The we heard a small voice call out MOM oh god we both scampered to get up and we barely got to our feet when the neighbor kid walked in.

  • Our neighbors who happen to be Black the husband and mine get along great and go golfing just about every Saturday and are gone for nearly 7 to 9 hours and my husband tells me if I need help with anything their son who's 17 would be happy to give me a hand.
    Well it happened he made a pass at me and when he kissed me my body melted in his arms and he took me on our bed several times filling my unprotected pussy with his cum.
    My husband who's fairly large down below but he holds nothing to Jamiel our neighbors son who now teases me every opportunity he gets even when my husband's home.

  • The only thing I can say is that you should have invited me to the party. There's nothing wrong with you getting fucked by a line of guys while your husband is just outside unaware that his wife is a real life cum slut that she has been fucked by strangers and friends at the same time one right after the other. Good girl

  • In the end whats the biggest thrill or pleasure for you? should really post another of the entire after story and confess part 2

  • It's very complicated now , the guys have shared me with many other men. It's becoming very very out of control.

  • Dam, im sure dozen of us guys would love to join in to increase those numbers

  • Congrats, how many men are ya up to?

  • Things are out of control. I have to talk to someone today. Things need to slow down.

  • Out of control how? whats been happening so far?

  • They keep bringing me to places where there is more and more guys . Friday I wasn't able to stand up for an hour after

  • How many guys are you now letting fuck you? Do you let them all cum inside you? Hot.

  • Some do some don't I met with two of the original guy's who brought 3 other men. On Friday then Saturday morning when my husband went golfing I met with 3 guys I have met from all this

  • Arent you the one that lets them leep bringing you to places and letting who ever there to fuck you?

  • Yes I admit I am

  • So even after seeing how many men they bring you want every last cock there to have a turn or more on you, meaning the more "out of control" it gets the more pleasuring it is for you, isnt it? do you think you even have a limit of how many men? or simply a limit on time of how long you can be away?

  • I just have to be functional and clean by the time my husband gets home. If you could see what I am looking at right now you would not believe that I am going to go through with it.

  • Oh? what did you have yourself go through then?

  • Whats the most guys that use you at once and after one another now?

  • I bet eventually one of the many guys is going to record it and post it

  • Been acting nicer and less naughty after all that talk? or have they got ya releasing more of your inner slut you seem to wish you did so long ago

  • As soon as my husband leaves for work I start texting them. Pacing back and forth waiting for them.

  • Are you just relying on the 4 guys?

  • No they have introduced me to another man. I can't stop thinking about sex with anyone. I go to sleep thinking about it, wake up thinking about it. My husband just left for work and I am wearing a short robe and slippers . Something has definitely snapped in my head

  • Good morning everyone

  • I'm board and disappointed I even made sandwiches for the guys and no one showed up

  • To be honest, if any of this is true, I kind of hope your husband finds this thread and uses it in court to leave you free and clear. no one deserves this pile of shit. you're a greedy bitch who doesn't have to decency or guts to tell your husband that you're bored, a slut, dishonest, and weak. Get fucked all you want but be honest with the guy who supports you so he can move on and live life away from all this if that's what he wants. Damn

    sorry for the judgement but geez.

  • It's just like they say to me when we are all together and fooling around. Calling me a dirty slut and other names.

  • Sometimes I call myself a dirty slut. It's great. Now only if my wife would call me a dirty little slut faggot while she and her best friend and husband fuck me, we'll be in business. She's almost ready to share, I think

  • Ok with that being said I agree with you, instead of telling him I am going to leave him.

  • I'll also add coward to the list.

    That said, I doubt any of this is real.

  • I'm torn between proving what I am saying is real and simply not responding to your insulting words

  • I'm not trying to insult you. I admit the story has turned me on, as well as the comments but the more I read and imagine that it;s real and not just fantasy the more I feel for the husband. you've painted him out of the picture so we have no idea how he treats you, if you are driven to cheat from lack of sex, if he's an asshole, etc.....

    I'm led to believe the story renders you these things that I called you just by fact. there might be kinder words to use but really, a spade is a spade. I mean, you've described your position in detail. what other terms would you say were more fair?

    I had a girlfriend in college that got off on lying to me while fucking everyone on town. early on we tried to have a 3some with a girlfriend of hers but she got angry and selfish, dashing the plan and making everyone feel horrible. I should have taken the clue but instead endured years of her fucking the town while lying to me. In retrospect I see that I ignored a lot of it because she was up for any kind of sex I wanted. the older me would have walked away. I see her in this story, sorry. You seem like the same kind of person. it killed me for a long time afterward.

    so...I'm just calling it like I see it even though I have masturbated a few times directly because of the story and comments

  • I didn't want to say this , but my husband is a good man ( when ) he's not drinking. Our sex life is nearly non existent , except when it's good for him and then it's very rare I get anything out of it. He's normally more concerned about if I did the laundry and cleaned the house before he and his friends got there. When he reaches a certain point when drinking he is very insulting and cruel. I have read what you wrote and I agree it's horrible what I'm doing behind his back. I plan on leaving him in the near future. Not that , that makes it better. For the first time in my life men, want me and want me alot. I love being the center of attention ,even if that makes me a slut

  • What are you going to tell your husband when you give him Herpes? You caught it from sitting on a dirty toilet??? My Xwife told me that! Good thing I left her. She now has Gentile Warts too! lol

    P.S. Ask one of the guys that Want you A Lot, to marry you.

  • I don't want to marry any of them

  • Just want to keep getting gang banged for as long a you can?

  • With all that being said I believe he's a good man just not a good husband. I know I have no room to talk btw I know two wrongs don't make a right

  • Also, I didn't say there was anything wrong with being a slut. We all love sluts. If I were.nt married I would probably be one again and date one as well. and like I said, I've used your story for my own pleasure. Also, if I knew you I can't say that I'd remove myself from possible participation in this tale.

  • So I think you were now saying it's ok that I see his friends ? I'm confused

  • What's it matter what I say?

  • It doesn't on a different note is it possible to send pictures on this site ?

  • Maybe he would like for you to fuck his friends or anyone else. Offer that as an option. Some guys like that arrangement.

  • You mean like straight up ask him if he wants to watch me with his friends ?

  • Great job. At least you can be treated like you deserve by a lot of other men and not fool husband that he should be treating you otherwise. I wonder what your age is

  • I'm 35

  • Wish you were in my town. you sound like fun

  • How do you know I'm not lol

  • Very true. I would have no idea.

  • So where do you live ?

  • New york

  • My husband is almost home I don't want to take of my sexy lengerie and get dressed. Wish he would work late

  • This is why its best to be slutty when younger, when not really in a family or committed relationship, that way fun and all when young and how you live your life when older could of been different

  • I see that and I agree I have waisted so much time

  • Wow you're getting more and more slutty the more it goes on, think the guys are eventually going to invite more friends? and think you could dare compare all those 4 guys to your husband? how far is your husband compared to the other 4 guys individually, then compare him to all them as a whole together

  • I want to say that I really appreciate all you people it's a great thrill having people to talk to

  • Its great you keep coming back and updating us more and more about it, you're right about it being exciting and very arousing, i keep getting hard every time i come back, you went from the confession title of it not being your fault, turned into confessing it really is your fault letting those men and soon to be more fucking you like a dirty slutty cock whore

  • Wow that made breath heavily I never knew how it would be to be like the dirty girls I've heard about during my life. I feel I have waisted so much time.

  • Have any plans if your husband walks in on you being fucked by the guys, seeing you with a much more hornier and slutty facial expressions, actions and noises than hes ever seen before? continue fucking and sucking them in the midst of being caught or letting them use your body like a sex toy in front of your own husband realizing what a dirty woman thats been in his this entire time and unable to fully enjoy you to your full potential while the other men are capable? hehe such dirty questions i have in store

  • Actually they are trying to get me to stay away from home they are asking me to meet places

  • It's completely different he isn't very big and it ends quickly.being with all them at the same time is fantastic it's so satisfying sexually that I can't stop thinking about it. And you are very smart they talked about others yesterday.

  • Are you even still giving your husband any sex after this all started? or have you been devoting it all to the 4 cocks you first claimed forced upon you, now you cant help but asking for them to keep coming back to gang bang you, bet you even fantasize about it as a gang rape fantasy when you call them all over

  • Yes we still have sex, but to be honest it's a little boring after all I have been doing

  • Will you please describe how you look , I'm very curious. Please be as discriptive as possible. Ty

  • I am 5'6 I have skinny legs and and almost no butt when wearing jeans. I weigh around 120 I have brown hair to my bra strap, brown eyes,the guys say I'm pretty and sexy and I wear 38 D bra's although they kind of pinch me on the sides a little. Is that good enough ?

  • Sounds good to me I would fuck you

  • Been almost 2 weeks, anymore parties happen again with you and the 4 guys go at it or just doing all them when ever ya can one by one or small groups? sounds pretty hot

  • Yes honey I'm sorry I haven't told you and the people who also read this. It's been kinda crazy busy. I have exchanged phone numbers with the guys and have met one on one with them and met them all together quite a few times. Saturday was my birthday. My husband thinks the guys all think he's great because they hang out here alot. He has just left for work I am sitting in his man cave wearing my robe and slippers. The guys are coming by this morning to give me something special for my birthday. I'm so turned on by the fact I'm cheating I can not explain it. It also turns me on to write it down here for all of you too read it.

  • I also want to say that I have sent the guys many pictures and videos

  • So after the party, how many more days have men came over one at a time or multiple at once or you over to them for more fucking like at the party?

  • 4 times

  • Still saying its cause theyre pressuring you into doing it with constant nagging or are you admitting that you're doing it for yourself now to get off, turned on from so many guys wanting to fuck you at once?

  • Your right I look forward to seeing them

  • Love to hear another confession of whats been going on afterwards in more detail with some of your true feelings about it all, maybe even plans with it all too

  • After sending a few pictures on Friday one texted me back saying they were on the way here and asked how much time they had. I said hurry because we have less than an hour. He told me to stay naked ( and called me a few names ) I told them I would be in the spare bedroom downstairs. As they walked threw the door they were already spread my legs and ate me right away while the others climbed on the bed I was being mauled it felt great I came on the the guy eating me and he started doing me. Then pulled out and came on my stomach one said eww then turned me so I was on my side while he was doing me another positioned himself so that I could suck him. Then slid down the bed and said put her on top of me they did and another not sure which one got behind me I felt like they were going to tear me in half. It didn't last long I could feel them cumming in me almost simultaneously. I rolled off after the one behind me got off and was almost immediately pulled to the side of the bed by my legs and the last one was in me going very fast and hard. After I went upstairs and rinced off in the shower. We were all having a beer in the back yard when my husband finally got home. He is so excited to have become a focal point. He loves having friends over

  • Can i ask you are those guys visiting you during the day now . I think this is a hot post

  • Mike and Jeremy just left so yes

  • Good morning guys

  • Love to slather your pussy in sweet BBQ sauce and then clean it out with my tongue.

  • That would be a sticky mess

  • But ohhhhhh so tasty!!!

  • How do I send pictures on this site

  • I'll try

  • I see a few issues here:

    1. Keeping this from your husband isn't good. You need to ease him into the notion of what you did and that you want to do it again.

    2. If any of the guys you fucked had wives or girlfriends, they might be livid if they knew you fucked their guys. It could ruin friendships.

    3. You need to get on the pill, at minimum, to prevent possible pregnancy.

    I'd say bring it up lightly to your husband that you think his friends are attractive. See how he responds. If he seems okay with that info, say that you've fantasized about some of them. Again, gauge his reaction. He might think it is kinky. However, don't tell him that you already pulled the train.

    I wouldn't have sex with any guy who is attached to another woman. If you do, she has to be on board with it too. Don't fuck up others' relationships. You already know your husband's friends love your pussy and won't turn it down, if offered.

    I also get that in the heat of the moment things can get a little careless, but be careful about guys emptying their nuts in you. Keep it casual, safe, and fun.

  • I'm on the pill and after sex with them I did think about some of what you said. I have to be honest here it's a really big turn on sucking or more to guys while my husband has no idea. I wish we could have a party every day. I'm in the bathroom now with out anything on because it also a turn on to tell all of you complete strangers what's going on

  • Are you fingering your wet pussy thinking about what you did?

  • You still have to get your husband on board in some manner, though do it slowly. This might be a shock to him. If he says it's okay to fuck his friends, then--and only then--would I bring up that you've already done it once before. Just apologize and say, "I didn't tell you, because I wasn't sure if you would have approved. Now that you do, well, let's party!"

  • Oh God am I so messed up

  • You're like the bbq cum dump. Cool. Sex must not enough with husband alone.

  • I'm so hard reading this. Can you come for me?

  • I texted his friend that I sucked the other day and invited him her and asked him to bring his friends too I have touched myself so many times today I'm going crazy

  • Sorry about the bad grammar and spelling my fingers and hands are shaking

  • I don't know what to do I'm so turned on by doing it then telling everyone here that it makes me want to do it more

  • Only you know what you want. you're probably going to destroy your marriage, crush your husband beyond reconciliation, destroy your reputation in your town, ruin other marriages, get an std, etc......OR, you'll come clean with your husband somehow that you love being gangbanged by his friends and you love being the town slut and that you need to do it. See how that goes over/figure out how to make it work out for you.

    I'm no professional on these matters but I'm sure there is a certain approach to these things, telling him that is, so that you get what you want. Hell, maybe he wants in somehow. you never know. I had a girlfriend who fucked everyone in town while we were together. I'm pretty sure she got off on lying to me and doing it behind my back. I can't say why. I am glad she is long gone, however, but that's just me. plenty of guys would love to have an open relationship. I think, though, that you also like the thrill of keeping it from your husband.

    When the BBQ's don't satisfy anymore there's always Craigslist, truckstops, rest areas, porn shop arcades, sex clubs, etc.........

    Otherwise you just do what you need to do until the jig is up. you could always move to LA and do porn. chuck it all. who the fuck knows? makes for a good post here though. I'm sure we'll all love reading about whatever else you choose to post. best of luck to you

  • Did you get fucked again by those guys at the BBQ

  • I orally pleased one

  • That's a shitty thing to do to your husband. That being said, there is no way you can have those guys over for another BBQ without them wanting to fuck you again. The barrier has been crossed. Sounds like you liked it, other than having to hide it from your hubby.

    I've been to summer parties where couples/friends have played around, but it was always with the consent of partners. My suggestion is to ask your husband next time before you do this again. You might even get another wife or gf involved. That way your hubby can have some fun too.

  • I appreciate your comments

  • My heart is pounding and I feel like a teenager who is about to go to a dance

  • I kind of hope he catches you getting fucked by all of his friends.

  • Having a BBQ today

  • How many guys ended up giving you their cocks that day?

  • Four

  • This post make make so horny.. I bet your so cute and hot!! šŸ˜˜

  • I thank you for that comment

  • Your a slut and I'm sure they will be fucking you again

  • I know and I do feel bad

  • He already knows.

  • Believe me, he knows

  • I don't think so he has not said anything to me

  • Not something he will just say to you

  • Especially since you don't seem to be particularly remorseful. He knows you're a slut and he knows you like being a slut. He just needs to figure out what he's going to do

  • Hmmm

  • This is hot. Dont worry , your hubby will never know if you ever get pregnant. Just make sure u didnt pick up any STD

  • They are texting me all day wanting me to come meet with them

  • Next time, and there will be a next time, get some cum sauce for that BBQ.

  • The part that confuses me is why the women all left for the afternoon without their men? Are these guys married as well?

  • No the ones that stayed are not the other women left with their men

  • What will you do when husband learns you were gangbanged by his friends while he hosted them. and that you loved it?

  • I don't have a good answer for that. It's part of the reasons I posted here

  • Do you think about it while you have sex with your husband? and do you masturbate and think about it, the next time and expanded fantasies? Are you now on the lookout for new opportunities? just a few questions, I hope you don't mind. This is very interesting

  • Did you take it in the ass? will you tell your husband? will you do it more? you must secretly hate your husband

  • I don't hate him , I was over come with lust I will never tell him and the only guy that tried to put it up my but came very fast

  • Well, it would serve you right if he become overcome with lust somewhere. I guess you'd be fine with it. sounds hot.

  • I can't stop thinking about it

  • I was overcome with lust at the gym and sucked another guys dick. It was just a thing. his wife was watching.

  • Really and she was okay with that ?

  • He didn't care

  • My hot older sister went to a graduation party in a low-cut, tight dress, and sat with a group of new grad boys under a tent. I sat with her as the boys chatted her up, hugged her, took cell pics, both with her and of her, and, like you said, nudged each other while looking down her well-open top. They were closing in, surrounding her, and jokingly handling her (one would ask for a hug, then trade her off to another, then another). She took it in fun, and, when would lean over to eat or pick her cup from the ground, nearly fall out of her top.

    The guys were revved-up for her and made no question about wanting her, right then and there. She told me was getting hot, and going into the shed to smoke. I told her "Be ready to have company..No way these guys don't follow you to get you alone". I wanted to test that theory, so let her go alone. Sure enough, three of the guys first went down the yard, in view, then made the right turn into the shed, closing the side door. At that point, I knew.. She'll be awhile and these guys will all have at her.

    I ate, had a bottle of beer, and waited. A good 45 minutes went by, then one guy came out, and told me.."She's getting herself back together..Said to tell you give her a minute and grab her a drink", basically admitting they'd all fucked her. When she returned, looking tired but, I'd say, satisfied, all she said was "I'll tell you on the way home". And she did. Told me one started feeling her up, peeled her dress down and off, and she "gave in". Then the other 2 had her on a padded porch swing in the shed. There was more detail to it, but that was the general thing.. She let 3 new grad boys fuck her and enjoyed it.

  • I'm guessing here but I think you are looking forward to future parties for a repeat and possibly more cock in you, to feel each and every one of them dump their load in you and feel
    It all run down your thighs as you stand up.
    Do let us know xx

  • Yes I had to run to the bathroom it was running down my legs and I needed to freshen up and make sure it wasn't all over me

  • Hot! Would have loved to clean you up. Hot and sweaty and smelling like sex with matted hair.

  • Oh my that's a little different

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