School holidays

That's it the kids have broke up for 6 week.that means I look after them all day this year I got 4 to look after while parents at school .so no doubt they will want to go swimming . the problem is I got mixed group of 3 girls 1 boy .why fun here in school st llanbradach .

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  • Gareth your such a prick you really need your head smashed in you cunt

  • Ha ha you talking about your self again nonce watch letter box and parcel on way lol went to gymnastics club with girls yesterday

  • You prick your just a half wit cunt need castrating.

  • Yes you do want castrating you freak get a life cause you can not even get a female of any age your pictures on line freak show lol

  • Ha you yellow coward pmsfl at you knew you were all mouth I had a great week with the girls

  • I really hope the local police are reading all this you filthy prick.

  • Ha ha They know me and myhousein llanbradach south Wales so do my neighborhood .I look after their kids you got any kids for my loving care lol pmsfl at you

  • Call me anytime to join group 02920851858 or07538813240

  • You have an email address I can use? Prefer not to give out my number. I'm local.

  • Hi taffy if you local Welsh nonce like me walk here 56 school st llanbradach south Wales and watch the letter box
    The local hedu around again lol

  • You have fun things to share?

  • Plenty of girls

  • Naughty pictures?

  • Yes but not on this site there one of my trip out on train to Cardiff with girls type my name into search engine I don't care about people think or say or do .

  • I might drop by hehe

  • You be interested in what you see and do in my house in school st llanbradach south Wales 56 but you won't come cause you coward

  • When is good for you?

  • Anyday after 8am when kids have arrived but you will not come where you live . Wednesday great day got 6 kids and my grand daughter and a friend of mine at house you know where I live

  • Cardiff but work during the day. Will see if I can take time off

  • You can vist after work up to 8pm

  • Ok, I'll mention this website so you know who it is.

  • Yes you welcome you know me by Welsh accent and my rough look and plants in garden I grow tomatoes

  • Look Gareth you old pedo, leave those kids alone.

  • Ha ha on your bike boyo I enjoy myself get your ugly face here and give me a laugh here in school st llanbradach south Wales .get a life you sad case you that ugly you not even got a female lol

  • Ummmmm what?

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