A Man And Two Women

My brother was a real bad boy, as they say. I call him a shit disturbed. He could drink and when he drank he talked. He told me once that he was fucking my wife's sister which would have been fine and dandy if both of them weren't married. Whether he was truthful or bullshitting, I couldn't tell at the time. My brother died quite tragically a couple of years after that conversation. After the viewing at the funeral home my brother's wife wanted to spend some time alone with the casket. Everyone had left the room except my two sisters in-laws. My wife's sister was standing over my brother balling her eyes out and touching his cold hands which are folded on his chest. My brother's wife iwas naturally quite distraught and patiently waiting the foot of the casket for my wife's sister to leave, no doubt wondering why this crazy bitch is carrying so. I was trying to escort my wife's sister out of the room before my brother's wife started questioning the motives behind the other woman's extreme remorse. My wife's sister just didn't want to leave my brother's side and I was getting concerned about my brother's wife cluing in. With her temper I was certain she would haul off and punch my dead brother right on the kisser right there with him in the casket. I looked at my brother resting peacefully between his two crying lovers and thought "yeah, that is so you. Causing a shit disturbance even in death".

10 months ago

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