Nephew’s Comback

My sister left her husband abroad and moved in with her three children 12 to 15 for a full school year. My husband and I were very happy because our own children had left our nest empty for college. My husband told me he caught my 15 year old nephew checking out my ass as I fixed breakfast in my sleep dress one Saturday morning. I told him to pay no attention to it because it’s just normal for a child his age however I kind of liked it, after all he’s my godson and I feel a connection with him. From then on I noticed how he checked me out all the time and I liked it. I teased him all the time, I fixed breakfast braless in my sleep shirt so my tits jiggle and my nipples poked through. He couldn’t take his eyes off my chest. I even let him see me naked as I accidentally dropped my towel in front of him crossing the hallway from the bathroom to my bedroom. The year ended and they left but my nephew liked it so much here he promised he would come back. Three years later my sister sent him over to do his two community college years in our town. Of course he stayed with us because our children never moved back and their bedrooms were still available. He was 18 at that time and a grown up young man. You can imagine the rest of this ongoing story. It’s been the best one year and a half of my life and there is still 6 months to go. I am 51 but I feel like 30. He has fucked me more in 18 months than my husband in 25 years.


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  • I flirt with my aunt. We are both over 40. We both know we want to but we are hesitant for obvious reasons. We’ve been flirting for years. We didn’t plan this. it just happened. Thank goodness she lives far away. But if she ever made a move I wouldn’t hesitate to get naked with her.

  • We had a exchange student live with us for two years then he went off to college, he is very attractive and I always maintained a motherly role with him. We kept in touch thru email and a few years ago he wanted to come by and have dinner since he was going to be in town. My husband had a change of plans and was going to be out of town but I kept the dinner plans telling him it was just going to be the two of us. He ended up telling me that for years he had a severe crush on me, I was very flattered that even as a teenager with surely plenty of lovely girls his age around him that he found me attractive. One thing led to another and I found myself undressed with him caressing every part of me, we had a really great time the whole three days he was in town.

  • Damn you had it goings on. I'd love to chat with an open-minded woman

  • How could you be so fucking lucky and when I say fucking lucky I mean fucking,

    how about giving everybody some more graphic details?

  • Lucky lad

  • Tell me about it. Copulation & all forms of lovemaking are common now in many, if not most countries globally. In my case, my younger brother by over 4 years moved in with me after my first husband left. He was 28, very attractive and wasted no time seducing me into submission to his virile, manly needs. I cannot remember the duration of our cohabitation now. All I recall is to say his routine & oversized manhood provided me with countless episodes and hours of joyful, emotional endearment that were never equaled. At age 68 now, I can happily reflect on our long affair, happening around 35 years ago.

  • I've had a similar situation with a niece. Everytime she visits she is constantly looking at my bulge and trying to get close. There has been a few instances that she finds a reason and way to rub her ass past my crotch. Now she's told my wife that she wants to go to college in our city for 2 years and wants to know if she can stay with us. Shit is dangerous.

  • You know what to do, if she is legal age. So follow up

  • Wanna hear more please

  • Milfs today doing some tricks

  • Gross.

  • Perhaps, to one who hasn't evolved with the ongoing m.o. of human sexuality. As such, incest is and will remain a common expression among adults and their children for the forseeable future.

  • Tell us about the first fuck

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