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I'm 38 female and married for 10 years. We're good, have one kid, and enjoy hanging out with friends. My husband is way into playing Pokemon Go and so are some of his game playing friends. We went out to play with a couple of his guy friends on community day and then have lunch and a few drinks. My husband reached the top tier level 40 in the game that day so we celebrated.

After we finished lunch at the local pub, we took the party to our place. We were all sunburned/tanned and a little dirty and flirty. For whatever reason, maybe the exercise, I felt pretty horny and needed some dick. My husband and I have allowed others in our bed before, so it wasn't a surprise to him when I said in front of everyone that I'd love to get laid. He knew that offer was for his Pokemon friends too.

Well, we got it on and it was really nice. The guys were all kind and sweet, with the exception that they made comments that I have cellulite on my legs and lower ass. I'm really self-conscious about that. It was almost a buzzkill for me. I'm no fashion model, but I'm not overweight by any means either. It's just a skin thing. We still had a nice time fucking and we all got off, but really, you don't bring that up to a friend. What the hell.

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  • Pokemon Go is still a thing in 2018?

  • You gangbanged a bunch of dork virgins thst play video games and live in their parents basements. That’s pathetic

  • (OP). Thanks for the stereotypes, but they don't apply. Our Pokemon friends have jobs and don't live with their parents. smh. Do you not like entertainment? Sports, music, fictional tv, or something else? We like Pokemon Go. It's a video game, but it is no more stupid than kicking a ball into a net.

  • "Our Pokemon friends" you really didn't need to add anything else to that. It's enough said really isn't it? Leave this site to the grown ups Tubby.

  • Divorce your husband. Purely for playing Pokemon go. More fool you for hanging out with what sounds like a bunch of kids.... I mean really.... a party to celebrate a fucking kids game. #growthefuckuppillsburydough

  • (OP). God, you are so fucking mean. It's a game for everyone, btw. Kids don't even play it anymore mostly. IT's mostly adults.

  • Pathetic if you ask me. You both need to grow the fuck up.

  • I agree. Freaks

  • Any Pokemon geek probably hasn't seen pussy in a long time. They should have treated you like a queen.

  • Hold on a sec. So, a bunch of Pokémon Go dorks are commenting on your cellulite? Shouldn't they feel lucky that they are getting laid at all? Then again, you are celebrating your husband reaching a level in a video game. Maybe you deserve dumbass comments that dumbass dorks deliver.

  • Exactly!

  • Ohhhhh fuck...some cellulite on a woman’s thighs and legs is hot as hell. Especially if those legs and ass are thick and curvy.Trust me I’d be giving you compliments out the ass.
    No one like thin skinny honey legs.
    Just don’t let it get out of control
    What does the rest of your body look like? if you don’t mind describing yourself a little bit more

  • (OP). You sound like a nice person with good taste.

  • You are a milf and going to be a gilf. Women get saggy boobs and cellulite. You got dick so be happy. If you want to get back at them, tell them their dick not as stiff as it used to be and offer up viagra.

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