Have you bedded your spouse's best friend?

Spill the beans on any friends confessions. Whether a boyfriend, husband, girlfriend, or wife. Did they suspect the cheating? Are you still friends? Do you still hook up with them? Does your other live in denial?

3 months ago

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    • I have sex with 3 of my husbands co-workers when he’s out of town. It started last year when my husband took me to a company party. He passed out and I was very drunk the guys started flirting and I admit I flirted back. I was wearing a little black dress as they began tickling me soon they were touching and tickling me. One of them said Greg my husband was a luck guy he put his hand on my leg and slid it up while another one was holding me and messaging my shoulders. I have to admit I liked the attention one of them leaned in and kissed me I kissed him back and the other two began putting their hands all over me and unzipped the back of my dress. Soon it was off and my legs were spread I was moaning. At that point I wanted them and I had each of them with my husband passed out in the next room. Since then they come over when he’s out of town on business. I know I should stop but I love it.

    • Yes. Several years ago, before we were married, my to-be wife had a friend and coworker that hated me, and I hated her, bad. She was a hot, petite, bitchy blonde with a great ass and body, and we had incredible sexual tension. Still hated each other, no question. But also knew we'd end up fucking like animals at some point. It was going to happen, hatred or not. We needed to fuck and be wild together.

      She stopped by our townhouse early one night when my to-be wife wasn't home, we got into a little nasty back and forth thing (more sexual tension), and, while almost screaming at each other, blurted out "Fuck me, right now! Let's go!". She threw herself around me and I carried her to the upstairs bedroom. Fucked the hell out of each other for more than 2 hours, pretty much straight, until she got up, we had some nice, fuck-ending making out, and she said she had to go "before the person you're really with comes home". We were at my door as she was getting ready to leave, and she said this can't happen again, I still fucking hate you, you hate me, but, we're really good at sex. We can't do this again.

      Yeah, about that. We did about 6 more times.

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