Nasty GF turned me out

After my divorce I started dating a sexy gal who was very sexually active. After the second time we had sex she told me she would let me have sex any more. She said my tiny peepee could never satisfy her. I begged her to let me try again but she said I could only give her oral sex and I agreed to that. Then a couple nights later I went down on her only to find a very wet used pussy. I tried to pull up but she locked her legs over my back and said, eat it all sissy.
That was the first time she called me sissy. When I came up for air she slapped my face several times, hit my private's with her fist really hard and said, you need to be my bitch. I submitted to her dominance immediately. A few nights later she invited a black man over and he took me. It had all been prearranged. She wanted me turned out and she succeeded. I lived with her for over 6 months used and abused almost every night. I did laundry, washed dishes, vacuumed and served her and her black lover. I was only allowed to JO once a month. They wanted me very horny so I would do whatever they wanted. Now, I am alone and in need of a new relationship.

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  • So your dumb small cocked and a natural loser?

  • Did it smell like spoiled tuna?

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