We Swopped Wives

We have been married four years we were having a good sex life and looking for something different all the time more exciting, we love watching porn all kinds some you shouldn't really see, we have two married friends of a similar age, we openly discuss our sex lives in graphic details, It turn all of us on telling each other what we have done,
I was having sex when my wife said she would like to fuck with our friends she admitted she had imagined having sex with him and thought of me fucking her, the next day she asked me if I was up for it she seemed really keen and excited as I was, we started to send joking text messages about wife fuck swapping to our friends, they replied instantly saying they were up for it and had been discussing it we exchanger more graphic texts about what we would like to do to each other, we arranged to meet at our house that same night as soon as they came in our house my wife started kissing him straight away and groping him she was really randy they went up stairs, myself and his wife were all over each other within minutes we were stripped naked and went down on each other, I got on top I was starting to penetrate her but I just couldn't because it wasn't my wife, I went up stairs to tell them I couldn't fuck, but it was to late he was fucking my wife he didn't stop when I walked in on them my wife was talking dirty to him telling him to fill her cunt up, he didn't stop when he knew I was there he said your wife is really good I've just put some spunk in her, I walked out and left them to it his wife was not pleased and told me so, things changed between us and our friends, I know I am a wimp if I had gone through with it and fucked her everything would be ok now.

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  • I would suggest you and his wife watch him watch him fuck your wife this will help you to take the plunge literally, there is really no going back he has fucked your wife and has ejaculated in her and from what you posted she is the dominant one with the strong sex drive she wants more she will not stop now, do the deed before she moves on.

  • Sounds like you had a case of performance anxiety and just needed to relax. The other guy's wife should have reassured you that everything was ok and to take your time and go slow. Instead you had doubts, didn't want to do it anymore, but it was already happening. I'd maybe try again, unless you think the whole swinging thing is not for you.

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