See Through Suit

My SIL wanted my advice on something. We were at the in-laws lake house and she wanted to show me something a "friend" had made for her. The SIL is an attractive brunette, in her mid-thirties, nice figure. Her "friend" was a law officer, an older guy, who was always flirting with her, and had an old g/f crotchet her a yellow bikini. It wasn't particularly skimpy, but, you could see through it, or, it appeared you could. She asked me if she could get away with it and I told her she would have to model it for me. She laughed and shook her head and I thought that was the end of that. Later, when I was in the boathouse, getting some jumper cables to help crank my boat, she comes in, in a cover-up. No biggie, she usually did wear one. But, she tells me to turn around and check her out. She's in the yellow bikini, and, sure enough, you could see her dark pink nipples, and brunette bush right through the thing ! She turned for me, and you could see her ass crack. " Oh no, no problem, nobody will see anything !" I lied. She smiled and asked, "Really ? You can't see my pubic hair ? " I shrugged, and looked again. You could see the hair poking through the fabric ! " No, not really, " I lied again. She looked coy and cupped her breasts, and both hard nipples poked through ! "You sure ?" she wondered aloud. She was just playing with me, and I reached out and tweaked one nip, then, dipped a finger into her bush, and she was wet and warm. She pulled away, waved a finger at me, and went back inside to put on a proper bikini. In that moment, I should have peeled off that bikini and had my way with her. I never got another chance as she left my BIL a couple months later.

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  • So very sexy, my wife wears a when wet see through swim suit when we go on holidays at resorts, when she gets out of the water it is as if she has nothing on everybody can totally see her tits, nipples, arse and bushy pussy the swimmers stay like that till they dry (does not take long) but you should see the looks she gets from both men and women particularly when she lays down on her back to sunbathe with legs partially open, often a female will come by and start talking because my wife is really very hot in all areas if she likes them she will ask them to our unit and have a lesbian affair with them, I stay away but a couple of times she has kept the one girl for our stay and then often I am invited to share.

  • Big dummy, go watch, join in

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