Relieving his stress

My boss was really wound up for one of the biggest meetings that he had been in for some time. I could see by the way he was acting that the turn out of the meeting was weighing heavily on his mind. I was part of some of the work that went into the project but mostly just re-reading documents and changing the wording or restructuring paragraphs. He had about an hour before the meeting time and I knew his office door locked, he was in there alone so I got up and went to his door and told him I wanted to show him some further changes. He told me to come in and I closed the door behind me and locked it, he did not even notice that I did it and was very absorbed in his readings. I set the papers down on the corner of his desk and walked around to his chair. He stopped long enough to look up at me then asked what it was I wanted to change. I kneeled down on the floor and pulled his chair around, I told him you need to take a few minutes and relax. I told him to slide forward and lean back, close your eyes and relax. I started unzipping his pants and he opened his eyes again, I told him to close his eyes again and relax. I got his penis exposed and out of the zipper then with a few strokes of it sucked it into my mouth. He let out a long low moan as I worked my lips and tongue on his penis slowly sucking on him until he was hard. I then started sucking him hard trying to pull the head right off with my lips, he came in less than two minutes.

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