In the woods

I was 17 at the time and I used to ride the bus to and from school during that time and had to cut through some woods to get to the bus stop. They were some deep woods to where no houses were visible even in the winter with bare trees. During the summer when the trees blossomed it made it that much denser along with the overgrown bushes.
A neighborhood friend of mine also took the same route to the bus stop and again on the way home cutting through the woods.
It never occurred to me until one day, we got off the bus and took our usual route through the woods. He wanted to stop to relieve himself so we paused and I did the same. I noticed some unusual things as he began to look at me and watch as I relieved myself, not thinking anything of it we continued on. This went on for about several weeks and it became one of those things I didn’t pay attention to.
Leaving school again, on the bus and getting off our stop we did what we always do to get home.
One day during the fall there was a chill in the air as the temperature was dropping. We exited the bus and walked through the woods, he stopped to relieve himself and I did the same. He asked me while I had my cock out to see it? I immediately froze in shock and didn’t know what to think but I said no. He said it looks big, I guess I was somewhat large as he was curious and wanted to see it up close. I said no are you crazy! He walked towards me as I was still relieving myself and his pants were still at his knees and underwear pulled down as mine were. I said, what are you doing as he approached me from behind?! I could feel his warm thighs brush up against my bare cold ass. I felt his warm cock go in between my ass cheeks rubbing up against me. I asked him to please stop that I don’t want him doing this! He puts his warm hand around my waist and abdomen and onto my cock, lightly caressing it, he wrapped his hand around it. I moaned and said please don’t and tried to back away but he held me with his other arm and whispered in my ear to relax and just go with it. His warm breath in my ear gave me a sensation I never felt before but made me weak. I could feel his cock starting to harden in between my ass cheeks. Finally, I managed to pull away, I was shocked and awed. I was so nervous I pulled up my underwear and pants and proceeded walking home. That night, I began having thoughts of his warm cock in between my ass cheeks and pressing up against me. His soft voice whispering in my ear, I started to imagine naughty things that never entered my mind before. Things that made me become aroused and wet. Knowing how he touched me and held me gave me a feeling of his control that seemed inviting. His warm body pressing up against me made me aroused thinking about his small cock becoming hard as he rubbed it in my ass up and down as if he wanted to fuck me. I became hard just thinking about it. I know he wanted to fuck me because his cock was wet with pre cum and hard and I could feel his pre cum in my little tight ass lubing in between my cheeks. I was scared and nervous as I’ve never thought another boy would sexually come onto me the way he did.
The next day, again departed the bus and started walking together. This time I had to stop and relieve myself. As I did, he did the same, he watched me again as I could see through my side vision. I asked him to please stop and that I wasn’t interested. Again he walked over to me and repeated the same thing, my pants and underwear down to my knees as he pulled himself against my ass and he was already hard. I felt his erect cock go in between my cheeks and I moaned as if I was not in control. He was rubbing my chest, my nipples became hard and he made me moan more. This time he stuck his finger in my mouth and wet it with my saliva before gently rubbing it in my asshole. His finger slowly penetrated me as I could feel it enter my body. He said I was so tight in my ear as his warm breathing became heavy. I started moaning and saying please no but it made me feel helpless and aroused me. His then cock was so wet & hard, I could feel the tip of his head caressing my asshole wet with pre-cum. I was moving from side to side trying to free myself but he held me in place, he resisted me to escaping his grip but he was trying to slowly push his cock into my ever so tight ass. I could feel the tip so wet slowly making its way to the outter opening as he tried to wiggle side to side and push into me. I thought he was going to completely enter my body and start fucking me against my will but I managed to pull away. He began touching me and grabbing ahold of my cock telling me stop it, you know you like it! You know you like the way I touch you. This time he kissed my neck and it made me feel so helpless but relaxed and at his mercy, I couldn’t stop trying to pull away as he kept caressing my cock. This time, he made me hard and he knew I was enjoying it. It started throbbing and pulsating as it never did before. It became very wet, very fast! He slowly began stroking my cock from behind while rubbing his wet hard cock in my ass, he wanted to fuck me but I was nervous and excited. I wondered if his cock would have felt good inside me fucking me like a little slut. He was stroking his cock getting very hard and wet as he grabbed my hand and put it on his cock stroking it behind my back. I knew he wanted to fuck me and I wanted to become his little slut at his mercy.
He kneeled down while behind me and turned me around. I said please what are you doing to me?! He said, close your eyes and relax. I tried to pull away but both his hands were on my cock stroking it as he spit on it to lube it. I tried to maneuver out of his grip but his touch had me in a trance like a state of helplessness in my actions I was a prisoner of his touch.
He put his hands on my ass and pulled me close in to put his mouth on me. His warm, wet and steamy mouth inhaled my already hardened cock. He began to moan, pushing and pulling in and out of his mouth, my cock became super hard! I was seduced and subdued to his sexual desire. He sucked my cock in a way I want it to happen again and again! Just before I was about to cum I could feel the pre cum. He said I tasted very good and he wanted more as he continued spitting and sucking on my cock. I told him i was about to cum but he kept sucking. I tried to pull away before cumming but he said just enjoy me sucking your cock. He said he wanted me to cum, he begged me to cum in his mouth.
Finally I began to cum in his mouth, it started to cum so much and so hard as he sucked, I could feel it all shoot in his mouth, he pulled me deep into his mouth. His lips were wrapped around my cock like a vacuum thrusting me in and out of his mouth. My cock deep in his throat as he enjoyed swallowing everything. I became a slave to him as he swallowed my hot cum, he continued to suck on it even after I had orgasmed. His lips were covered with my cum as he licked and sucked the tip of my cock until it was all in his mouth. He kissed, and caressed my shaft with his cum covered lips which made me want more. His eyes staring up at me with a look of satisfaction and enjoyment, I knew he loved the way I tasted. And I knew he enjoyed seducing me, he has wanted this for a very long time.
Later that I went to bed, I began having thoughts of him seducing me again and again. Doing things to me against my will but rather to satisfy my curiosity of enjoyment. He likes when I say no to him and continues to get what he wants. I also knew his ultimate want but we never went that far although I continued to let him suck my cock, touch me and satisfy me for months ahead. He really wanted my cock in his ass because it was so big. He craved it very bad but I never was into anal then...💋

30 days ago


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    • Erotic!!

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