I Lost my virginity to my own dad

It all started when I was 21 and my mom died in a car accident after she passed away my dad took care of me .

It all started when I was sleeping in my room I didn't wear panties at that time all of the sudden my dad entered my room I was sleeping then I felt like someone is touching my vagina. I immediately got up and saw my dad seating near near me . First I was shocked but after saw that is was dad i relaxed. He used to be very caring to me and alway used to support me.

Then we were in the room I started covering my vagina with my skirt but then my dad told me to relax and he started to touch my vagina and then my breast. Slowly slowly my dad started to strip me naked and I let him do that.

After that i was that my dad got erection from me . Then he started to lick my breast. After sometime he also got naked. And the thing that I saw completely shocked me I saw my dad penis it rock hard . Then my dad told me to relax .

Then slowly my dad came near me and put his penis near my vagina entry and slowly started to near my vagina in few seconds I started to bleed and that was pain so that I was swearing due to the pain. Then my dad told me to relax nothing will happen just It will pain for few minutes. Then my dad slowly started to moved his penis in and out. It was my first sex experience it last for 1 hour I think .

After sex we even slept together naked was happy that I lost my virginity to my own dad .

Now do have sex every day at night once even I got pregnant with my dad child but I took pregnancy pills. Now he is everything to me. I have thought that I will have kids with my dad when I am 25 .

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  • You started at 21! He fucked me when I was 17 and gradually taught me how to enjoy sex. He made me relaxed while kissing, licking lapping tits, massaging them and running his cock along my slit till I am too wet he fingered my cunt reaching for the stroking g-spot. He fucked me in a variety of positions. At 25 I got married to my bf but still I love to fuck with my dad, now in his late 40s when we meet at his place on weekends. I think it is great to learn about sex at home.

  • Oh quit this crap. Give it up dude. All the fake posts and fantasizing will not make incest legal or moral.

  • Sex education at its best!

  • Barf

  • Makes me sick too.

  • What??

  • Even God sucks cock and swallows these days. Go figure.

  • Your are a sick mother fucker.

  • Yep

  • At the age of 21, it was nice of your dad to relieve you of the burden of still being a virgin. How many months of taking pregnancy pills did it take to kill the fetus growing inside of you?

  • You believe that bull shit. Really?

  • Most is just fantasy but there are some exceptions. You can normally tell by the way they are written

  • Written by you Lady balls.

  • Lovely story and I hope you and your dad are very happy.

  • Yes we are very happy

  • Yeah I am very happy with him

  • Great 👍 all the best.

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