They kinda just took me

To My husband I'm sorry . I wish you didn't get sick at my reunion . I took you back to the hotel and you insisted I go back and have a good time. After the bs ended some of us headed out for more drinks. I soon found myself being the only woman left. We all decided to leave and walked together out to the back parking lot. We were talking about the past and they were asking if I was still the same girl and if I still put out alot. I tried telling them I was happily married but they started grabbing me and pulling at my dress. I was stripped naked and I did it with them. They weren't going to take no for an answer. The truth is I loved being the center of their affections . I had never been with more than one person at a time before . They screwed me in the back of a pickup truck. That's why my back was bruised and scratched , not because I fell. I didn't think it was ever going to end. I'm sorry but I can't stop thinking about it. Jodie

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  • I'm a guy and I hope this happens to me someday. I'd love to have all those men fuck my ass in an open bed truck like that, their cocks all around me, doing whatever they wanted. I'd take all their cum in my ass and mouth and face. I'd want my wife to catch us and laugh hysterically while they all took me in front of her, me being vocal and enthusiastic. Then get in her car to go home after they've driven off, covered in cum and sex sweat, her knowing full well I loved it. Rode hard and put away wet and covered in 8 men's cum on the whole ride home. My ass nicely throbbing and leaking a big puddle of cum onto her seat and sitting in it, slowly, as if she coulnd't see, sneak a hand between my legs and finger my wet and loose asshole.

  • BBQ

  • Maybe we can meet for a fun night with no strings attached ?

  • I met with 3 of them over the weekend. I feel like I'm losing my mind.

  • How can we get in touch with you ?

  • Leave your email address and I will send you a response

  • Nickjay1980at gmail
    Looking forward to hearing from you.

  • I sent you a message

  • This is precisely why I don't let my wife attend reunions. Look at what happened. smh.

  • And that is the exact reason why i would let her go.

  • Too bad you aren't my husband. It would make things easier.

  • So fucking hot! Lets chat lol

  • Where would you like to chat ?

  • So you haven't changed. And this has reminded you of what you've been missing. Now you don't want to go back to the way it's been. Am I right?

  • Ummm not exactly , I mean it was fun and crazy , but I don't think I want 8 or 9 men on me every night

  • How many men would you happily take on a weekend after you’ve not had a good fucking for a few weeks?

  • I don't know how to answer that

  • Sure you do. Would you like the 8 cocks again or would you like some more?

  • They were all pretty good but some could have been bigger and some could have lasted longer. I would like to try it in a different setting

  • I love reunions. I haven't been to one when there hasn't been someone getting laid for old time's sake.

  • I've been with my boyfriend under a year.He doesn't know everything about me but about a month ago while drinking with friends and chatting in the pub,we got on the subject of sex,especially the one night stand kind and I let slip that I've had a few one night stands including a threesome.He looked shocked but didn't question,which was a smart move infront of everyone.But later when we went back to his place he asked me for more details and I told him.He was curious mostly about the threesome,thinking it was with a girl and a guy but I shocked him when I said 2 guys.He asked how that happened.I said me and a friend picked up 2 guys,my friend got too drunk,so I had both guys,together.

  • Quite the skank aren't we now Jodie? Oh well once a whore, always a whore!!
    What will the husband say when you bring him every STD known to man? Including the ones with the antibacterial resistant strains?!

  • Hopefully that hasn't happened

  • Wow, that sounds hot!

    How many guys fucked you? Did they all cum inside you?

  • Hi there and good morning. There was eight of them and some pulled out and came on my stomach or other places. I have contacted some through Facebook and through text messages since then.

  • Nice Jodie I would have loved to have joined in. Did any of them fuck you more than once?

    You said you’ve contacted them in various ways. Are you wanting it to happen again? I’d love to hear more as this is really hot

  • It's difficult for me to come to this site. I can talk to you or anyone on email. Just leave a way to get in touch with you.

  • Why difficult?

  • Because sometimes it takes so long to load

  • We're mostly talking on Gmail and texting. They are asking me to hook up with them again. But they're all over an hour away.

  • I’m sure they will all happily travel to hook up

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