I found out about this gloryhole back in April and ever since then I have been going back multiple times a week for head. I have sucked so many different cocks that around 40 I lost count. I can't stop doing it either even though I know I should, but knowing that catching an std via oral is really slim is an additional factor to the equation. It gets me really horny too

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  • Glory Holes are extremely hard to find , most are set up with specific women. My first husband would take me to them. Go figure I found someone that I liked more.

  • How did you find the glory hole? Do you lille in a city?

  • There is a drug resistant gonorrhea that is easy to get from oral sex. Not trying to kill your fun, but it is easier to get than you are thinking. And I have know a person to get it from oral sex.
    There have been several stories about the drug resistant gonorrhea in major news outlets. Search it.

  • I seriously can't stop doing this. I gave 4 guys head on Saturday night and 2 more tonight but there's almost no risk, I know I can get away with it and it gets me oh so horny but I know I can't just do this for the rest of my life.

  • I love sucking cock and have wanted to try a glory hole for a long time, but it seems like it's always a man talking about sucking cock in one.

  • That's how I found out but I waited til the one guy left. Then I had to sit in the stall for about 20 minutes until someone who knew about it came in to use it. That first cock was intimidating but drew me to it and as soon as my lips touched his dick, I was hooked. He didn't last very long, I knew I was giving good head but it happened as I was wondering how long I should blow him cuz I still had doubts. It's different not knowing then all of a sudden you feel it expand a bit more and start quivering. I tasted it before I felt him cumming but it was amazing. You feel his penis fluidly pumping in your mouth and with each pump, more of your tasty treat. I swallowed and as I did I almost cummed in my pants and I wasn't even touching myself. He pulled out and left and I jacked off. Before I was done I heard the bathroom door and started going limp, I thought oh shit I shouldn't have done this and was overcome with guilt. I started getting dressed and another cock poked through and I froze. I didn't know what to do. I started getting hard again and thought since I already did it I will just this last time. He took twice as long and had a bit more cum but it was thicker. This time I did cum in my pants as I was finishing him off. I was in there another 10 minutes trying to get my boner to go down but I couldn't. I ended up blowing this big black cock for my third and knew I was in trouble. I now go sporadically, usually certain nights when the tourist areas downtown are hoppin. No matter what, you have to try it once to know for sure.

  • Throat and mouth cancer is on the rise from oral sex.

  • Yeah right

  • I have gone to a few nice private glory holes where I live but I bring ultra thin xtra large condoms. They are not tight on me when I get erect and it feels damn near the same while protecting me, I just slide it on and hold the bottom around the base of my cock.

  • Every guy I've sucked has been without a condom. It wouldn't seem right with one on

  • And you are a guy

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