I once cheated on my boy friend behind his back and he found out. He dragged my out of the bedroom naked and humiliated me i front of his friends. "This is what happens to sluts like you" That same night I packed my stuff, left and never went back. I had never felt so degraded but I guess I had it deserved it.

3 months ago

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    • You did deserve it. i think he did the right thing. it must have been hard for him

    • No you didn't you should have filed charges against him. It was wrong for you to cheat. But no one has the right to lay a hand on you, never mind what he did. He will end up in prison when he assaults his next girlfriend. You have a chance to stop that by filing charges against him.

    • He and his friends should have gained banged her across the coffee tablet with a foot across her face as the low-life piece of trash she is. Screw off with you charges filed BS.

    • I agree, bitch needs to learn her place. Train her like a dog, a slutty dog. Gang bang the whore with DP annally, she will remember

    • Sluts are the greatest! My wife is one, and I love her!

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