Birthday kiss

I've always wondered what it would be like to watch another guy kiss my wife and grope her nothing more than that . On occasions I've mentioned this to my wife but she said no way she would ever let anyone do that . It was always in the back of my mind but has the years past she never changed her mind . One night when we was out we bumped into my old boss steve , We ended up back at are house for a drink it just so happened to be Steve's birthday . So he was feeling a bit down being on his own Steve didn't have a partner , I thought this could be the perfect opportunity I know Steve fancys my wife . I said to my wife give Steve a birthday kiss she was was a bit hesitant at first ,Then she got up walked over to where Steve was sitting then leaned in to give him a kiss , Steve pulled her down onto his lap my wife's skirt at ridden up showing me her knickers . My wife gave Steve a peck on the cheek , I said no a proper kiss so she kissed him on the lips but it was still a peck , Steve held her tight and said a proper kiss I wont let you go until I get one . This time she did when they broke apart I said one more for the road , This time Steve put his hand on her leg then he pushed her skirt up my wife strugg!ed then ran to the bedroom . It was embarrassing I excused my self to talk to my wife , My wife said how could you let someone kiss me let alone touch me you obviously don't think nothing of me . I said I'm sorry I'm sick I don't know why I want to watch you do that and I do love you , I said I'll just tell Steve to go , My wife said what do you want me to do , I said what do you mean , She said what do you want me to do with Steve , I said you know kiss him and let him grope you , She said ok just this once I'll be there in a minute . When she walked back in she looked at me then Steve she sat on his lap , She said to Steve he wants to watch us kiss and wants you to touch me . They started kissing Steve was groping her tits then he put his hand inside her top , My wife looked at me then said his hands are inside my bra I think she was angry with me , I never said anything then my wife said I'll show you she pulled her top off then unclipped her bra her tits was on full display . I don't think Steve could believe it he put his hand up my wife's skirt my wife pulled her skirt up Steve was rubbing her crutch , I said I don't want this to go any further my wife said are you sure I said yes , My wife said sorry to Steve then stood up , Has Steve was leaving he said we could a!ways go down to his holiday home for some fun maybe next time he could shag my wife , My wife said maybe if that's what he wants then she kissed Steve goodnight ,

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  • Some guys are into that..This is a true story:

    A few years ago, I was out for my birthday at Hard Rock Cafe (won't say where), with some friends, as was a hot, flirty, very sexy blonde woman. She was even wearing a big "Birthday!" pin or whatever it was on her low-cut shirt. I knew one of the bartender guys, and he made my bday know, so, people were raising a glass, buying shots, etc.

    As the hot blonde danced around and chatted with every guy, she came to me, hugged me, and exclaimed "It's my birthday, toooo!". Clearly drunk but fun. She hangs onto me and started kissing me, first a few fun pecks, then real, full-mouthed oral examinations that had my hands all over her. We're kind of going at it for a few minutes, then separate. I'm thinking, I have her..She's mine later.

    Got my food, and the bartender guy I knew was laughing, saying she'd been there for hours, then pointed to a non-descript, average looking at best guy in a blue shirt and jeans. Definitely not the type this hot, gorgeous woman should be with. Bartender then tells me "See that guy over there (as he pointed)..That's her husband".. At first I thought..This guy just watched me maul and paw at his hot blonde wife, and sat there? But then, the other thought hit me..Maybe he was into having other guys kiss and handle her (believe me, I did), and I was just the lucky one that night.. She and I did hug one last time before I left, and she stole another, quick kiss, but not like the oral mauling we'd done earlier..

  • I could never feel comfortable letting someone‚Äôs husband watch me fuck his wife. Just seems weird unless I knew them and she wanted me and he has been trying to get me to fuck her

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