Boston with husband

Walking around Boston with my husband yesterday and today and I can’t help but notice a LOT of black guys in sweat pants with huuuge bulges. I’m in my hotel with my husband and he’s asleep and I can’t help but wonder why I married him thinking about what I could’ve tried.
I can’t stop thinkkkng about it and my mind is running wild. Anyone ever have this problem? How do I stop it?

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  • "I can’t help but wonder why I married him" lets see he has a job, he doesn't beat you, he doesn't dump you when you get pregnant, he doesn't love him self more any thing in the would, the list goes on and on, yes they are fun in bed but you do not want a relationship with a black man.

  • Try one out. I love wearing sweatpants to tease women.

  • You should look into someone in close proximity to you. Look at ads and pick one. I can bet your itching for someone to fill you good and hit deep down inside where it matters. Think about how I have you would enjoy it

  • Go ride them.

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