When I was young

When I was young (11 or 12) i was curious and didn't know anything about sex. There was a guy in the neighborhood, he was a little older, 14. One day we were hanging around in the wooded area in the neighborhood. No big deal, we all hung out there. On this day it was just us two, I don't know how we got there but we had our cocks out and we were both hard. He convinced me to let him put his mouth on my cock, then he said you try it, I got on my knees and he told me to open my mouth, I did and he slid his cock in my mouth. It was weird to me, I was young but he was cool and I wanted to hang out. He really didn't know what he was doing either. He did tell me to move my head back and fourth. I was holding his cock and bobbing my head back and fourth. We did that for a minute or so then he asked if he could put it in my ass, I was hesitant so he turned around and spread his cheeks and told me to put my cock in his ass. I tried but It was dry and I couldn't. He said he wanted to try to do it to me, I said ok and bent over for him, he tried but it wasn't lubricated enough and he couldn't do it. He asked me to make him cut, I didn't even know what that was yet. He told me to jeep him off, he showed me how and I did it. I jerked him off and made him cut, a lot of cum came out. He told me what it was, he told me to taste it that it was good. I was very hesitant to do that but again, he was cool and I wanted to be cool too. So I put my hand that had cum on it in my mouth. It was weird but not terrible. He asked me if I wanted to taste it from his cock. I said ok. He whipped his cock off with his shirt and told me to put my mouth on his cock, so I did. He said to jerk it off like he showed me but to put my mouth on it. I did it, he definately liked the feeling. He was leaning back and moving up and down with my hand and mouth on his cock. Then he came and as he came he said to swallow his cup as he's cumming, so I did and it was weird tasting but it just shot down my throat. I didn't taste too much.
Over that summer he would invite me over when his parents weren't home and tell me to suck his cock. We eventually got to try fucking my ass, it hurt so we started with fingers to listen up. Eventually he was able to put his cock in my ass, I let him and he would fuck my ass and cum in it. Some days I would suck him off,and some days I would suck him and he would fuck me.
I had no idea I was being molested and when I look back on it it makes my cock hard.
I've had that story for so long it feel great to finally share it. Here I am 50yo, straight and married and want to suck on a cock again

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