Covid is a scam

We’ve been lied to. As the number (real number) continue to be exposed, you will all see this virus is less communicable and less deadly than the seasonal flu. Overall deaths (deaths for all causes) are actually less this year than the previous two. Seasonal flu deaths completely stopped as soon as covid came into play. Ask yourselves why. This is nothing but politics. They’ve destroyed a booming economy and numerous small businesses for political gain.

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  • Niggers are even a bigger fucking scam. They have been scamming everyone for years. Yep a total fucking scam. The truth is they don't want to work or do anything but have us stupid whites take care of them. Well I do that already by owning four large dogs. They at least are cute and cuddly.

  • Here's another moron....

  • Go chug some Chlorex and Lysol like Trump told you to, then have Mike Pence place a UV bulb up your ass. He’s good at that stuff. Then you will be all fixed up and ready for a Trump rally or your evangelical church, with a child rapist priest. Then go fuck your fat wife

  • Hmmmmmm, sounds like you have it all figured out. You must have enjoyed doing it yourself to recommend it to others.

  • We are approaching 100,000 deaths in the US. If the numbers aren't accurate, let's cut them in half. 50,000 deaths are from Covid-19. You can't fake that many deaths.

  • CDC updated. It’s not half. It’s about 6%. Who looks foolish now?

  • 50,000 is normal for seasonal flu. As I said, seasonal flu totally disappeared when covid came on the scene. Why?

  • P.S. Is the rest of the world faking Covid-19 like we are? You can't say that other counties are lying. They don't care that if Trump would have acted just two weeks sooner, 50,000 lives could have been spared.

  • You mean back when Trump closed travel to and from China, and the Democrats called him a xenophobic for it?
    Or back when Trump was creating a task force to deal with COVID, while the Democrats were more interested in the impeachment farce?
    Or how about when Pelosi kept telling the people to come to Chinatown and spend the day because Trump was "overreacting to COVID"
    You liberals really need to stop listening to fake news. It's making you fucking stupid.

  • Doesn’t the fact it’s world wide discredit the blame Trump crowd?

  • There are multiple scams going on. You are right, it is political, but it's also about money. Big pharmaceutical stands to make billions of dollars off a new vaccine. If they can keep the public in fear long enough, and of they can discredit Hydroxychloroquine, and discredit the antibody test. So far they are 3 for 3. People are too stupid to ask questions and would rather stay in fear.

  • Who cares

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